Tuesday 23 March 2021

Happiness - Arjun Vaishnav

Happiness is an emotion, enjoyment, joyfulness and contentment. Many people have feelings for happiness. Then happiness is enjoyment and entertainment for me. Some people are happy when they receive gifts, while some are happy when their dreams are fulfilled. I also get so glad when I receive a gift on my birthday.

There are many incidents in my life when I was happy. I want to share one of the best incidents of my life when I was happy. I went for an outing with my family members at Tungareshwar. We enjoyed many things there. We enjoyed the natural beauty and the forest area where we saw many types of trees, rivers and animals. I was thrilled when I crossed the river by paddling through it. There is a temple of Lord Shiva there. It is a vast temple. We ate many things there. It was a memorable and happiest day of my life. I was thrilled on that day. My family members and I enjoyed the picnic a lot.

In my eyes, happiness is not only enjoying with our family members, but it could be with others also. I have had many happy moments. Playing with my friends at school or in a colony is also happiness for me. When I go on a school tour, it also makes me happy. Enjoyable moments with friends and attaining the expectations of our parents are also happiness for me. Happiness is anything that makes us happy. So we should be satisfied with any uncertainty.

Arjun Vaishnav
Class IX
The Fabindia School
Image Courtesy: Dreamstime.com

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