Monday 5 April 2021

Happiness - Yukti Kansara

To understand happiness, one must understand that happiness is not just about success, money, or fame. Real happiness lies in gratitude, doing what you adore, expressing yourself, doing good deeds, or more, but it cannot be described in one word or sentence. It consists much in the small term. It occurs every day in everyone's lives, but it depends on how you find it or what you find it.

I remember an activist, Muniba Mazari, from Pakistan. She is disabled by her legs, but she doesn't let her disability come between her happiness, so why we let our thinking and society come between our way of happiness.  Even writing about this is my happiness as our teacher trusted us and allowed us to express what we think about happiness. Taking an opportunity and doing it from the deep of your heart,  enjoying it, and putting effort into it without any pressure or force is happiness. Even I enjoy it from the deep of my heart and mind. 

At last, I'll say it is a choice where you have to decide that it should be in your life or not. We only become happy as much as we decide to be, and if you are happy, you can fill others' life with happiness. Last but not least, I'll put an end to my article by saying, "Happiness depends upon us. Be happy and make others happy." 

Yukti Kansara
Class IX A

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