Wednesday 28 April 2021

Honesty and Trust - Riya Vaishnav

Riya Vaishnav
I have been lied to before, and I know it can hurt the morals and personality of a person. I believe in the importance of trust and honesty because they help develop positive relationships. Trust allows one to be able to accept others positively. I think that telling the truth proves that you are a fair and loyal person. Their peers will be more accepted because they know that their secrets are kept with a safe person. On the other hand, people will never fully enjoy this person's company if one is not trusted.

Honesty and trust are an important part of bonding, for they are necessary for any personal relationship. One must be able to share their secrets with someone. I once got in trouble for something I did not do at school, and the principal thought I was lying when I wasn’t. This experience hurt me: I was not believed. When someone is not trusted, it can lower their self-esteem because they miss part of a relationship.

Riya Vaishnav 
Class X A
The Fabindia School

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