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What I fear the most and how can I overcome that fear - Jeni Sherpa

I am afraid of heights, darkness, public speaking and being in front of a huge crowd of people watching I avoid going to high places whenever possible. And also, whenever I try to do something, I always think or fear that other people will judge me and make fun of me, so I rarely speak with other people. I hope to overcome my fear by confronting it. Jeni Sherpa Pestalozzi Children's Village Society

My greatest fear and how I overcame it - Tenzin Jambey

People have so many fears in life, but we can overcome them by facing them and trying out the challenges that create fear. Like everyone, I have so many fears. I am afraid of darkness, blood, scary things etc. Out of all these, my greatest fear is my future. I feel terrified when I think of my future and what I will become later. As my friends put it, it's very amusing, and I believe the same.  This fear dips me into depression when I think of how my future would look and how I would take care of my family. Specific questions arise in my mind, like  would I be able to fulfil my family's wants? I fear feeling ashamed if I fail to meet my family's demands and wishes, as they put in a lot of hard work to send me to school.  But I also believe where there is dark, there is light, too; where there is sorrow, there is happiness too! There are plenty of careers and jobs that I can choose from, and this thought gives me relaxation and relief.  This positive thought keeps my fear a

Reflection on what I fear the most... - Shristi Khulal

Someone has rightly said that when fear strikes, there are only two ways to face it or run away from it. The best way is to face it and overcome it. I fear being in the spotlight or the centre of attraction and public speaking the most. I get very nervous, and I overthink others' opinions about me. My body starts shaking, and my heart starts pounding. I would like to overcome this fear and speak confidently, as it is essential in our lives. For this, I should be more confident about myself and interact with many people. Pestalozzi is also helping us to become more optimistic by organising workshops, for which I am very thankful. I should also stop being an overthinker. Shristi Khulal Pestalozzi Children's Village Society

How do I overcome the fear within? - Nishan Karki

Reflecting on my fears post the reading session at The Sunday School. I fear many different things, but I fear the most is failing to do several things or failure. I get this fear when I do not feel like I am not doing well in exams or in several things. To overcome the fear of failure, I try to be calm and do my work with dedication, focus and carefulness. I have good time management that can help me to overcome this fear. Nishan Karki Pestalozzi Childrens' Village 

What I Fear The Most... Gaurangi Rastogi

  At The Sunday School, we read the book The Art Of Focus by Gauranga Das on the 1st of Jan, 2023. Reading Chapter 32 - Human Quality: Preparedness, we set out to discover the fears within. Gaurangi Rastogi shares her reflections in her maiden podcast. You must listen to her and prepare to overcome your fears. She studies at The Doon Girls' School Dehradun and works as an Intern at My Good School. We meet her often at The Sunday School - reading, writing and speaking. #JoyOfLearning

Courage - Aashay Gaitonde

  It was the year 2019. I had gone on a holiday with my family to Pali, where we stayed at a weekend home. On a lazy Sunday morning, Dad & I were playing in the kids' pool. I don't know how to swim, but I always liked playing in the water. It's always great fun to splash onto the water and create waves with our hands. However, who knew, that such a fun morning could end with a horror story. While playing in the pool, I slipped and fell face-first into the water. My head was UNDERWATER! I couldn't breathe and panicked. I couldn't move. It's only because my dad pulled me up that I could breathe again, albeit with great difficulty (because of the water in my nose!) Fast forward to 2021, my parents planned the same trip this weekend & to the same place. And guess what? My mom & dad said to me this morning, "We are going to play in the pool." And this time, it was going to be the regular swimming pool and not the kids' pool. I was petrified!

Courage - Hetal Vaishnav

Courage means the ability to control fear. Another word for courage is being brave. It is a good value, and it is essential for us. We should not be afraid of fear. So it is essential to inculcate courage in ourselves. I would like to share an example of a woman. Women face many problems, they solve all of the issues because of courage. If we are afraid of difficulties, we will never solve those problems. Courage also builds our self-confidence.  I would also like to share one more example of our freedom fighters. Today, we all remember our freedom fighters because of their quality of courage. Only because of their courage and bravery, our country becomes free from British rule. So let's be brave and stand for the right cause. Hetal Vaishnav  Class VIII A The Fabindia School 

Beating The Odds - Rishona Chopra

After reading the chapter Beating The Odds from the book Is Your Child Ready For The World by Dr Anupam Sibal.  We often come across problems that get in our way or obstacles that discourage us. Even our own health can discourage us from our goal, but we shouldn’t let that happen.  Life has ups and downs, and we have to face them. People can only comfort us, but it is we who have to  be brave and strong to face such challenges. Take the example of Ludwing Van Beethoven, a famous pianist.  Ludwig Van Beethoven had a hearing problem called Tinnitus in which he would get a ringing sound in his ear that made it difficult to hear. Despite facing trouble, he faced this challenge and played the piano like there was no end. He played it with positivity. He was able to make masterpieces even with his hearing problem. The story of Beethoven is just an example. Your health doesn’t need to be a problem. It can be of any kind, from bullies to serious injuries. It can be anything, but you have to fa

My Happy Place - Harsha Suthar

In Fabindia School, I had good moments, but the best moments that I’ve experienced were in a particular class in my senior years. I have the best school life memories. And the teachers of the Fabindia School are excellent, they teach us so well. The Fabindia School made me lovely friends and the best teachers. They are like a treasure for me. The joys of school life are invaluable. I remember my first speech in the assembly. I didn’t want to do it, but finally, I did it, and that was my best moment. When I went to present, I felt afraid, and then when I presented, I felt so good for the effort I applied. Now I feel better than my first speech day of presentations because I know that I can do whatever I want. The learning that I acquired made this moment so good because I knew I had trust in myself. I have overcome my fears and have not let them control me because we can’t know our capabilities if we are afraid.  The teachers and principal ma'am are very supportive and