Wednesday 1 March 2023

Why do we need Determination in our lives? - Reflections 26th Feb 2023

Yes, Determination is essential in our lives because the word determination itself says the essence of increasing the same chances to be successful in what you want to achieve. It could be an aim of your life or a particular thing you want to achieve. For me, Determination means being motivated and only losing hope once unless you reach what you want and have faith in yourself.

Once you are determined and have faith in yourself, hundreds of obstacles may come your way and can't stop you from achieving your goal. So at last, I say that, according to my having, a determination is essential; otherwise, we can give up things quickly, but once you are determined, you will try your best to achieve that.

Mishu Gupta

When I think of determination I see it as the strong desire or will to do something or accomplish a thing which someone wishes to do. A dream or goal of a person is only fulfilled and hard work comes when one is determined towards one's goal or dream. Determination makes a person more interested and focus towards achieving his goal. Nothing would distract or obstruct a determined person from achieving his dream. 

All successful people have achieved success as determination has played a huge role in their lives. No one can stop a determined person and can never put them down. Even the motivational speakers have always mentioned that determination is very important to achieve something. Determination is something which comes from within and it never comes through forcing or punishing someone. No dream is fulfilled in life without determination , it is the most important part for achieving or doing something.

Shristi Khulal

By having a determination one can achieve anything in life but , one must also have a intrest on what you are doing. If we forcefully try to put our determination on the work in which we are not interested then it will ruin our life and if we put our determination on the work in which we are really interested then it will surely lead to sucess 

In life we need to have determination as without the willing of doing something one can never achieve success. Determination helps us to keep moving forward in life. Are determined to do something, then the way to success is automatically created. It is very important to have determination in life to reach success and to achieve anything in life.

Tenzin Jambey
All reflections are from
Pestalozzi Children's Village India

Poll commissioned at The Sunday School by Jugjiv Sir.

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