Friday 17 March 2023

The Chaos - Vani Pandey

A girl strolled down the hill

With blossoms in her hands,

A little puppy accompanied her

To complete her errands.

And just then came an enormous bird,

Carrying her away,

Her puppy kept on yapping,

But the girl asked it to stay. 

She struggled to get the bird's nib off her,

And once she got free,

She fled down like a small hurt bird

And waiting for somebody to hear her plea

But thanks to her fate,

There was a river there

She plunged straight through it

Like a smoldering flare 

That was the end, she thought

While making herself stable on the ground

But who knew that there were

A series of chaotic occurrences waiting to be found.

Vani Pandey


Gyanshree School 

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