Monday 20 March 2023

An example where I have shown patience - Sunday School Reflections 12th March 2023

Patience is the ability or quality of a person to bear and accept the delay of things without becoming angry or upset. It is a possession that every human has and resides in. But the thing is, we have to implore and find or discover it within ourselves. 

Music has its own way of convincing and pacifying others. It has always been my source of comfort, relaxation and calmness during life's hardships and stressful times. A moment in my life where I showed true Patience was when I had just started learning guitar. I struggled to play and hit the right chords and notes initially. I started taking learning guitar as a burden as it consumed most of my free time and prevented me from giving more time to my studies. But I still needed to drop it halfway. Eventually, in a few months, I felt more comfortable and enjoyable whenever I played my guitar. I learned from this event of my life that not only hard work, Patience, and determination are keys to success, and the result you get when you put all three together is always fascinating, magnificent, extraordinary and exceeds your satisfaction.

Tenzin Norsang

"To lose patience is to lose the battle."- Mahatma Gandhi.

Patience is the ability and capability of anybody to prevent anger and accept calmness when something takes place after a long time. It is the ability that everyone must possess and use at the right time, place and moment.

Patience is essential because we need to use it in our daily life. If we have the Patience to do things, it will be helpful for us, and if we do not acquire enough Patience to do something, we may face many troubles in our life.

These troubles may create barriers and problems in our daily life. I am a person who possesses many good qualities and abilities. One of ability is Patience. I use my best Patience at the right place and time for my benefit. I have shown my Patience many times. I am one of the incidents in my life where I have demonstrated Patience.

Before coming to Pestalozzi, I studied at a school popularly known as Umling School. I had many good friends there. One day my friend and I were coming back from school. On the way, my friend said he had some work in a nearby shop. He requested I wait for some time. I did as he told me to do so. I waited for a long time seeking his arrival. Finally, after half an hour, he came back from the shop. He requests my apology for being so late. He told me a long queue at the shop prevented him from doing his work and returning quickly. Without any delay, we continued to walk home after this. This was one of the parts of my where I showed Patience.

Tenzin Jambey

Pestalozzi Children's India Village

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