Monday 20 March 2023

The Regret Of Not Boarding - Reveda Bhatt

Sometimes, some things fail to occur as planned and welcome to curse upon the forces of nature because, in that moment, they turn out to be unfavorable for our plans. Every happening around the world has a reason. When we know what went wrong, the reason is known, but when we don’t and it doesn’t happen according to our will, it is reason unknown. But is it unknown or planned? Well, I would call it planned.

Years ago, a Gentleman entered his house with two tickets in hands, excited. He called for his wife and discussed the reason of his happiness with her, the tickets! They were to board a cruise in about a week! Being a part of a mediocre family, he loved getting things for free, so a portion of his ”so-happy mood” was that the two children they had were under the age of charging for tickets. On hearing that, his wife squeaked with excitement and hugged him too tight. In a good mood, she made nice dinner and the husband was proud of himself that he bought the tickets which made the wife happy. Children were happy and of five and 3 years of age. The couple was ready for the sail and everything was moving as planned. Packing started, the wife packed whatever they could need; shoes, caps, clothes, shawls and swimsuits, even some candies but Mom still felt like they were short of something-Now was it luck?

Six days to go, ready to pack.

Five days to go, ready to buy.

Four days to go, all ready.

The excitement level increased with each passing day. It was only three days left for their departure that Mom found her three-year-old crying. She saw the redness in his eyes and touched his forehead which was burning hot! He had caught a fever. She measured his body temperature via the thermometer which she had already packed. The reading was 101.2*F! High fever, just before their trip. The couple decided to drop the plan as parents see nothing ahead or before their children and checked if the tickets could be refunded. The website read, “No Refunds.” That was the end of it, the plan.

The man woke up with a headache on the day they “were” to leave, because, subconsciously, he was thinking about the money which couldn’t be refunded. Later that day, they were watching news headlines while having brunch when, suddenly, a breaking news flashed across the screen, reading, “THE TITANIC HAS SUNK!” Now, that was the ship they had to board! With that, they let out a sigh of relief, and the meaning of this whole situation for them entirely changed. Now, would we call it a mistake or a blessing in disguise?

Reveda Bhatt - The Aryan School

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