Wednesday 22 March 2023

The Bonds We Make - Oshi Singh

Image courtesy,used by Oshi Singh for representation only. 

People often say, 'I would be happy if I had that!' This often makes me wonder how a small thing can make a man happy, but after all, we're living in a materialistic world.

A world where nothing lasts forever, and neither do these small worldly things. All that lasts forever are the relationships that we build. Because when we take our last breath, we shall see how kind the world really is and whether or not we earned the badge of being remembered. Relationships are the only bonds; they will never fade if they are strong enough. They might not always be happy and joyful, you will have your ups and downs, but it's up to you to make it last forever.

You might argue that even relationships meet an end. But do they really? Relationships are the strongest bonds which may feel like a rollercoaster at times but will always be a forever-stored memory & it's in our hands to make it a good one.

A good relationship isn't one with the most minor disagreements but one which has risen above their differences. Because even at the very end, these people shall never forget you and keep you in their hearts. So let's enjoy & celebrate our time with our loved ones in the time we have. After all, life's too short to hold a grudge.

Oshi Singh
Gyanshree School 


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