Saturday 2 September 2023

Value of the month Caring, celebrate with us!

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My Good School Show Season 9, Episode 18, where passion meets education. This beautiful conversation where Anvesha delves into the value of caring and Rishona and Divisha share their take on Caring.

Rishona: Caring definitely does help others. When someone cares for you, you feel like someone out in the world believes that you matter. It is a feeling of joy and happiness for that person. Caring is shown out of friendship, compassion and selflessness. A caring classroom is where students feel positively connected to others. That simple act can give them a sense of optimism and help solve their little problems. And what is in it for us? How does it help and benefit us? Well, seeing one smile puts a thousand smiles on my face. The fact that I have helped someone out or just given them the joy they needed and filled in the gap in their life makes me happy. As said, never believe that a few caring people can't change the world; indeed, that's all who ever have.

Anvesha: Absolutely. Just as self-love is one of the most essential kinds of love, self-care is as vital as caring for others. If you cannot care for yourself, you will not be capable enough to care for others. Everything starts with you. When you decide to help yourself, you will also end up helping others. So, caring for oneself is as essential as caring for others.

Anvesha: Divisha, whom do you care for the most?

Divisha: I care for my family and friends the most, but yeah, I care about my friends a little bit more because in my family, it's just me, my parents and grandparents. Since they are elders, they can take care of themselves. But my friends are the people whom I have to take care of. It's been 7 years since our friendship. Many things change but one thing never changes: Them having problems, and I have solutions. The fact that I'm the youngest among them still I Am more mature.

Anvesha: And with that, we come to the end of our podcast. Comment below and let us know if you liked our podcast. If you want to be a part of similar podcasts, join us. We hope to meet you again when we return with a podcast on Caring next month. That's all for us today!

Anvesha Rana - Host from Gyanshree School
Rishona Chopra - Guest from Gyanshree School
Divisha Rawat - Guest from Ahlcon Public School

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