Wednesday 27 September 2023

My Contribution To Change The World - Tenzin Jambey

What will be my contribution to making the world a better place?

One person can not change the whole world, but we must understand that to bring peace, we all must contribute our efforts together. 

Every person can not reach out to the whole world; some people who are illiterate, uneducated and poor don't have access to the other side of the world. But, yes! There is a world for simple people, even if they don't know how the world looks outside their village and town.

One day, my grandmother asked me where this place called Dehradun actually lies because she had never stepped out of the village. Like my grandmother, people in the town know nothing about the states, countries, continents, world and planets. 

This is how life looks without education; without education, we cannot see the world beyond our surroundings. 

Still, even though the world of the illiterate people is limited, there is a world for them: their surroundings, where they live with their family, community and the different forms of life like animals and birds. 

Some people think that illiterate people are fools and dummies like zombies who can't feel, but no, they are wrong. As I have lived among educated and uneducated people, I know how different people think and live. 

Some people do very well in education and technology but use those skills badly. Hackers, people who indulge in cybercrime, corrupted ministers, and many more can be mentioned. Some uneducated people are pure from their hearts; they know nothing about the bad stuff, and the educated people always exploit them.

The world of uneducated and poor people is brutal to live in; they don't get food to eat, but some rich people spend a lot of money on ordering varieties of food, but all of it goes wasted! Well, to make the world a better place, both the educated and uneducated people must connect with each other. Every individual must give their best in all ways they can to make a sustainable future and a peaceful world.

I will always respect all the people of different castes and religions, and I will always try to be polite to others and keep my environment healthy. I will help the people who are in need. I will utilise education correctly and avoid the bad stuff that would hurt the sentiments and interests of people around me. 


I will think beyond the looks and try to reflect and understand as much as possible. I will always accept others and their opinion, thoughts and ideas. 

If everyone follows the good path, then our efforts will undoubtedly result in overcoming unwanted activities and things like illiteracy, poverty, pollution, exploitation, global warming, food wastage, tribal clash, discrimination, racism, crimes, murders, rapes, child labour and many more activities that harm the interest of the people.

Lastly, we are the ones who create trouble for ourselves, and we get disturbed by it. Some of our actions are the outcome of sadness & depression, which come when our happiness dies. Therefore, we must be happy and have peace of mind. Sadness and depression result in unwanted activities and things that I mentioned earlier. That's why happiness should be our priority- it will serve as a pillar in changing the world.

Tenzin Jambey

Pestalozzi Children's Village, India.

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