Monday 11 March 2024

Seize the moment - Saikiran Sahu

Seize the moment 

The memories once that were present-

The present we didn't value.

The only times when we keep pondering,  

On our sad past and tense future.

Forgetting those precious pearls-  

That is in our hands now and will not be forever. 

For now, we all beg for our past -

And some reminisce about it and some cry over it,

As if it could have been changed just by blaming. 

Then comes our future as if there is a portal to it,

You overthink and spend that time-

that's continuously moving out of your hand.

So why not do something more useful,

Build memories that are as sweet as honey,

To be worth cherished and to be looked back.

The precious souvenir of every perfect time with your- 

Loved one or the deeds that make people happy,

And most of all that makes you, yourself merry.

It is better than living a life where people are always-

Remising about decisions that they were influenced about. 

Live the present as if it is the last day to be spent  

Because life is all about having no repent!

Saikiran Sahu


Gyanshree School

Image Courtesy-Verywell Mind

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