Monday 18 March 2024

International Mother Language Day- Shambhavi Nautiyal

International Mother Language Day

The indispensableness of knowing our mother language is understood by all of us. It connects us with indigenous culture, people, traditions, and history. It helps us learn where we come from and who our ancestors were, as they are who we are since we are compact from our ancestors. They reside in our bodies, shower us with blessings, and guide us from the subtle realms.

A testament to this is in the fact that we can find fragments of our ancestors in our countenance, devolved virtues and values, how our ancestors can find semblances of them in us and how they can tell with a single glance that we belong to their lineage just by the aura and mien we have may they be dead or alive. To me, connection with my mother language means connection with my ancestors, who may be from a millennium ago or just a generation ago.

The expressions, slang, speech, and literature in their era let me know what kind of people they were, how the times gone were and how it would feel getting to know them. By learning about our mother tongue, we get to know them through word of mouth or writing, which may divulge the allegory of their life, how they reacted to their plight and what I can learn from that.

Even though in the present times we have several translations of our scriptures, and I own to have read them too yet, there is an implicitly distinct sentiment of being connected to your roots, almost like watering the roots of a tree and maybe even discerning how our past life had been like because there is a reason for everything, including why we were born on this part of the universe, belonging to our peculiar ethnicity, may we be aware of it or not.

The reason for that is to learn something new and succeed in our spiritual advancement by picking up something from this realm, the people surrounding us, and the language of our ancestors bequeathed to us. And that's why try at least learning to be fluent in speaking our mother language.

Shambhavi Nautiyal
Ahlcon Public School
Grade- IX

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