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Monday 11 March 2024

Seize the moment - Saikiran Sahu

Seize the moment 

The memories once that were present-

The present we didn't value.

The only times when we keep pondering,  

On our sad past and tense future.

Forgetting those precious pearls-  

That is in our hands now and will not be forever. 

For now, we all beg for our past -

And some reminisce about it and some cry over it,

As if it could have been changed just by blaming. 

Then comes our future as if there is a portal to it,

You overthink and spend that time-

that's continuously moving out of your hand.

So why not do something more useful,

Build memories that are as sweet as honey,

To be worth cherished and to be looked back.

The precious souvenir of every perfect time with your- 

Loved one or the deeds that make people happy,

And most of all that makes you, yourself merry.

It is better than living a life where people are always-

Remising about decisions that they were influenced about. 

Live the present as if it is the last day to be spent  

Because life is all about having no repent!

Saikiran Sahu


Gyanshree School

Image Courtesy-Verywell Mind

Saturday 30 September 2023

Reflection on Life - Tenzin Jambey

Life is a journey where we encounter many things that give us beautiful moments and memories. Sometimes, life provides us with a bundle of happiness, but sometimes, it gives us a lot of sadness and sorrow. Happiness and sadness, failing and winning and laughing and crying are part of our lives, but still, we get depressed thinking about the things that make us sad. 

My friend said that life is short; instead of doing what you like, why are you doing what you don't like. I said that life is strange sometimes to fit in the community; we need to sacrifice our happiness. Sometimes thinking about the future makes me feel worried, but sometimes it makes me feel happy that life may make you a successful person in future. 

We never know how unpredictable our life is when our last goodbye is. At last, we should live our every second with happiness because the moment we are sad, we love every second of joy. Therefore, come out from the world of sadness and live happily.

Image courtesy- Unsplash

Tenzin Jambey
Pestalozzi Children Village India

Tuesday 22 August 2023

The Accounts of Monsoon - Shambhavi Nautiyal

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Monsoon: The Month of Nourishment and Rejuvenation

Monsoon, the season of coolness and relief, is a reminder or a tradition for many of us to feast on some pakoras with chai and listen to the soothing patter of the raindrops, being present at the moment and having a laugh or two with our dear ones. 

Rain is an emotion for all of us. Whilst movie makers and writers may be obsessed with having the main lead mewl in the rain to hide their tears, it is a source of glee for many of us. It is like a treasure chest of so many memories. 

As children, we dance in the rain and then 'jump up and down' in the muddy puddles with our friends. 

Monsoon to me means reunion as, as a child, I would always be at Nani's home during monsoon with all of my cousins. We dance in the rain, feeling the cooling water taking all our worries and tension, if any, away. It felt like the love of Lord Indra being showered all over us, surrounded by the exhilaration, jauntiness and ecstasy common in our attitude.

At night time or sometimes even in the day itself, the place being  Dehradun, the weather would get so biting that we would have to take our sweaters out. Regardless, it is best to fall asleep to the background music of the rain without turning it up on a device. 

Even today, it is my ritual to leave any task and go out as soon as it starts to rain, to have my sense of adventure and precariousness, unless I need to work. Many students get a holiday or early home time following the floods caused by rains. 

June and July bring monsoons to India and are known as the month of 'Ashada', according to the Hindu calendar. This season brings relief from the sun's scorching heat and puts us all, if not at least me, in a relaxed and comforted mood. 

And so I wish you all to be mindful and grateful for the season of nourishment and rejuvenation.

Shambhavi Nautiyal
Class- 9 || Ahlcon Public School

Tuesday 16 May 2023

My Graduation Day Speech - Aria Gupta

I stand here to give my speech on this momentous day. This school has given me several opportunities to learn and express my skills. 

When a school year ends, we always find joy in the little things we didn’t see before. The fun of chatting happily during the lunch break, talking to our friends before class starts, the relief of exams finally getting over, telling everybody about our plans when vacations are near, and so much more are some memories we will keep throughout the years.

I would like to thank all my teachers and parents who supported me in every step I made. I would also like to thank the rest of the school staff who kept all the classrooms clean and gave us food in the cafeteria. I would like to apologise to them if we created a mess in the class.

I wish all graduates the best of luck for the upcoming year.

Aria Gupta 

Grade VI

Gyanshree School

Saturday 13 May 2023

My passing out speech at school - Veda Varshita Marrivada

Dear Graduates,

I am honoured and excited to stand before you today as we celebrate our graduation from this esteemed institution. As we leave this beloved institution that has been our home for several years, we take with us a wealth of knowledge, great experiences, and lots of memories, such as teamwork, helping others, good behaviour etc., that will help us a lifetime. 

Now I want to share some of the memories I experienced and will never be forgotten. One of my most memorable moments of schooling was when I got selected for the Prefectorial Board. It helped me learn new things and balance my studies and social and extracurricular activities. I had a great time and activities with my friends and enjoyed learning thoroughly and memories of our time-shared experiences.

I got an opportunity to attend My Good School Retreat at The Doon Girls School in Dehradun when I was in Grade 5. Although leaving my home and parents was devastating. I explored and learnt many pleasant and memorable things during the trip. I want to mention my teachers whom I would more and forget. They are the best in my schooling. Their way of teaching is unique, and their motivation inspired me to be innovative and learn new concepts.

As we progress, I would like to thank my family and teachers who supported me and my friends who helped me through this beautiful journey.

We have come a long way since our first day of school, and today we stand on the brink of a new chapter of our lives. In closing, I congratulate everyone for achieving the graduation milestone and look forward to staying connected with you all.


Veda Varshita Marivada

Grade 5

Listen in and experience the joy!

The Hyderabad Public School is a co-educational, day & residential school in Hyderabad. One of the oldest educational institutions in the country in the youngest state of the country – this range best defines The Hyderabad Public School.

Sunday 7 May 2023

Speech on passing out of school - Tenzin Tsomo

Good morning, I, Tenzin Tsomo of Pestalozzi, studying in 7th class, writing a speech on passing out of school.

It was very exciting and nervous when I joined the school for the first time. But after some days, I made many friends in school, and I enjoyed it a lot, but now as I'm leaving school, I am despondent about it because it is the best school I have ever joined. I am proud that I studied at this school. I learned a lot and had a lot of memories. And I cried on the first day of school and now on the last day.

Tenzin Tsomo

Pestalozzi Children's Village India

Saturday 29 April 2023

My Good School Retreat 2023 - Shristi Khulal

On the first day, when I entered the gate of The Doon Girls School. I was excited and nervous and was experiencing a mixture of feelings inside my head. I thought about what it would be like to meet new people from different parts of the country, for which I was a little nervous, but now I have known them for a long time. I couldn't even believe that the four days we spent were so memorable and not just unique but precious too.

While I sit and think about those days, the flashback of the precious memories always strikes my mind. I cannot explain how beautiful they were. Meeting different people and learning so much about their places and schools from Powerpoint Presentations was an excellent experience. I felt amazed when I learned that the school from which Ram Charan studied was there with us. 

Whenever I sit and reflect on those four days first scene that comes to my eyes is our visit to Khalanga War Memorial. I enjoyed the trip and loved the smell of flowers from the Sal tree and the hill. I was grateful to meet mr Col Vikram Thapa and his team, from whom we learned many things about the war between Gorkhas and the British. As I am Nepali, I felt proud to hear about the bravery of Gorkhas. I enjoyed the walk up the hill, talking to the guiding sir. I felt thrilled to speak to the guiding team in my mother tongue and remain in my place. The view of Dehradun City from the hill was beautiful, in which I was trying to locate my school. I didn't know we could be so connected and share a precious moment in less time. 

I even smile when I think of the funny moments in the Khan Farm where we played fun games. Not only were they fun, but they also taught us many skills like listening, coordination, teamwork and other leadership qualities. Also, the o ji, o ji by sir from Blossom School was a lot of fun.

How can I forget the visit to one of the most prestigious schools in India for which I am really grateful? Before visiting The Doon School, I used to talk to my friend while going to school by bus on seeing the tall wall, and now I feel fortunate and grateful. Whenever I see the wall from the bus, the memories stike in my mind of taking around the school with curious minds. I loved everything about the school, from the beautiful buildings to the activities available there. 

I also miss the German Shepherd of the farmhouse, Max, Lily, and Dizzy, with whom I played. It was a beautiful moment. I was so mesmerized by the performance of The Doon Girls School students in the cultural show. I will never forget the motivational words by Monisha Ma'am. The morning walk on the Khan farm comes to my mind whenever I see the fields filled with crops and trees. On hearing the song Jeena Jeena, the moment came into my mind when the music teacher of Doon Girls School was teaching us guitar.

On the last day, when everyone was leaving one by one, I could see the beautiful memories we cherished together, and for a while, I felt sad. Before going to The Retreat, I never thought these four days would be this memorable. I am really grateful and thankful for getting this opportunity. Thanks to The Doon Girls School for being so good to us.

Shristi Khulal

Sunday 23 April 2023

My Good School Retreat 2023 - Tenzin Jambey

Seeing all the teachers and friends leaving with whom I spent an excellent time for four days, I almost cried. After spending four days together, I felt like we had been together for a very long period, and during this time, I became very close with them; I suppose that we all became so close that we were much more than best friends and because of this bond I emotional when everyone was leaving, the only thing which  I could say was " goodbye " and " best wishes ahead " I wanted to say many things, but the words were not coming from my mouth, one after one everyone started leaving and only HPS (Hyderabad Public School) group were left, for few minutes we talked and after a while, they were also nowhere to be seen. 

I was sitting near the basketball court of The Doon Girls School with my other Pestalozzi's friends and Shelja Ma'am, we were waiting for our bus to come and then suddenly my memories flashed back and I saw two vision that deeply touched my heart, first was the vision my friends entering the school on first day with full excitement and another was again them who were now heading  back to home with happy memories, pocket full of knowledge and with sad feelings of getting apart then I remembered the words of Monisha Ma'am who on first day told us that the word retreat means "heading back" but in our case the word retreat meant  something else for us it's meaning was heading back with good memories, memorable experiences, pocket full of knowledge and atlast the sadness of getting apart with eachother, these thoughts kept roaming in my mind and I kept on reflecting upon it while I was sitting near the basketball court of The Doon Girls School (DGS) where we had a friendly match with DGS versus the retreat group, I match was fun and and went tough as I was also among the player I really enjoyed but the spectators enjoyed even more seeing us putting basket and getting tired.

"Bus has come," said Shelja Ma'am and in a minute, we were inside the bus, I still looked at the DGS building even when the bus was moving, and after a turn, I could not see the school. We were going from the same road, the road from where we went to the Kalanga war memorial, The Doon School, and Khan Farm, and now from the same route, we were going back to Pestalozzi, the same road. I was sitting in the front seat, and it was 1:50 pm, and I played the "Jena Jena" song on guitar. No other song came into my mind; only this song came, which Malan Sir played for us during guitar class in DGS.

He taught us many guitar lessons in one hour, and if we had more time, he might have taught us many more things. I don't know whether this kind of feeling comes in every person or not; I get overwhelmed with happiness when I meet someone from my place or northeast as I am also from north east "Arunachal" I feel happy to meet someone from there; the guitar Sir was from Manipur, and because of that, I got even more interest in learning from him and also many students in DGS were from Arunachal. For a moment, I felt like I had met my brothers and sisters, as we have many things in common, especially those tiny eyes. Getting apart was the most challenging situation for me; it was even more difficult than singing a song on stage on the last day among different schools and students I had never seen or met.

The bus suddenly stopped, and I opened my eyes and found that I had reached back. I didn't even know when I went to sleep, but while I was getting off the bus, many thoughts came into my mind, which made me feel a bit worried as I was absent for three days from school. I wondered how much homework I must have got, which I could do without any difficulties, but the lessons or chapter taught in school was something I had to understand all by myself. I entered my room and saw all my friends resting; I was also tired and fell on my bed and tried to sleep. Still, the memories of the retreat kept me awake for a while. Somehow after a few minutes, I managed to sleep.

At 5 pm, ma'am came to wake us up, and there was a workshop. After the workshop, my friends. I went to Cheme la Ma'am to thank her for allowing us to attend the My Good School Retreat. She was simultaneously pleased and proud of us because we guys did an excellent job within these four days; she said, "We don't need to be thanked because you all deserve it." Those who work hard are always rewarded, which motivated me to work even harder even in future. I would love the reward of attending the My Good School Retreat.

We had our study hour from 8 pm to 10 pm, but I didn't feel like studying, and I thought of writing the reflection on the trip for four days. Then I took my reflection notebook and a pen and started putting my thoughts and emotions into words. From the first day of my visit to the Kalanga war memorial to the last day of the Earth Day celebration, I kept emphasising my mind to remember every moment.

In my notebook, I wrote down the lessons I had learnt and the life skills taught by Monisha Ma'am greatly influenced and motivated me to push myself towards success. I kept on writing, and I didn't even know how two hours had passed, and at 10 pm, I went to bed. I was lying in bed when I heard the sound of thunder bursting, and it took me back to the visit to Khan Farm. We enjoyed sitting on the sofa on the veranda and seeing the thunder and shower of rain was one of the most beautiful pictures I had ever seen. The lightning of thunder brought daylight for a second, and again, the darkness came  While I was thinking about this, it was already 11 pm. I felt like someone had stolen my sleep away, I wanted to sleep, but I could not.

I missed all my friends, and I wanted to see the faces of Monisha Ma'am, Shilpika Ma'am, Kunal Bhaiya, Sathya Ma'am, Malan Sir, Taraksh, Aradhya, Snigha, Vibha, Sanitah, Tammana, Yashraj, Ragav, Oshi and my Arunachal I friend Zirpo. More than that, I was excited to sleep because I thought they all might come in my dream, and after sometimes I went into a deep sleep.

At last, I would like to thank Sandeep Sir, Monisha Ma'am and DGS group for organising the beautiful events and assisting us in various ways.

Thanks to Cheme la Ma'am for allowing me to attend this retreat, Shelja Ma'am and Minaxi Ma'am for helping us for all four days.

Tenzin Jambey
Pestalozzi Children's Village India

Thanks to the Headmaster, Staff and Students at The Doon School

Tuesday 17 January 2023

Reflections from The Sunday School 15th Jan 2023 - Pestalozzi World

What do you value in life?

"Things that people do for me for my own good, like my school teachers, staff members in Pestalozzi as well as the staff working for "My Good School" and the uncles and aunties working in EBD, creating a lot of good memories with them are the valuable things in my life. My family's support and courage also matter greatly to me." - Tenzing Dhekyong N.

"I value time very much, and I respect and value people who spend their valuable time on us. This not only encourages me to become a better human and not let their efforts go in vain but also give time to others who may need it cause it's time which is the actual ultimate healer. Blessed 🙏🏼" - Tenzin Tsering.

"The thing I value the most in my life is my home. It is the place from where I started the journey of my life.No matter where or how far a person goes, he/she has to come back or end up with a place called 'home'. The home provides us with most of the things that we want. It is a place where we make love for each other and for family members. It is the very first place to start with anything.

Like before going to school, we learn A, B, C, D...... at home. We learn manners and moral values, which I still do. What do we want in our life? A safe place to stay where we can spend our days and night. So, what would be safer than home?

And the second thing that I value the most is the person's personality, behaviour, the way he/she act and react and the way of thinking etc. I guess these are the things we need to carry with us until death. These are the precious jewels a person should have." - Nisma Meghi.

"I get all the respect of others due to my Integrity, Spirituality, Perfection, Confidence,  Leadership, and Responsibility. These are the most valuable thing in my life." - Brahamdeep Thakur.

"I value many things in my life: parents, truth, study, personality, time that has given, loyalty, relatives etc. 
But the person I value a little more is my sister; in Tibetan, we say ache (sister); she helps me when I am down. She is like my close friend with whom I share feelings. And sometimes, I fight with her severely but end up hugging and crying together, saying sorry. She is also the one who teaches me good things that I value." - Richen Khando.

"For me, As a blanket statement for every living thing on Earth, nothing is the most valuable thing in life. Some people value memories. Some people value time. Some people value certain idols or ideas more than they value their lives. And that's completely fine — it's up to them to decide what they love the most in life. But who's to determine what's the most essential thing in life, ever, for everyone?

You create your own meanings and your own value in life. You really do. What you value in life differs from your friends, family, neighbours, pets, etc., and the billions of other humans you don't know and never will." - Thank you from Januka Basnet🥰☺️

"To begin with, today, I am here because I would like a better or brighter tomorrow. Being here means I receive an education and can learn valuable things daily. Whether it is academics or life lessons. So firstly, the most valuable thing in my and most people's lives is their parents. They have supported me since I was young and will support me in my future life.

Secondly, my friends and Pestalozzi have given me such a good environment and help me whenever I need them. I am very proud to have such good teachers who teach me studies and good behaviour. At the same time, there is my health and time.

Health= if I will not take care of my health, I will not be fit and fine.

Time= Not only me but everyone should value time and use it properly because time will not wait for you; you need to learn to love it." - Manisha Rana.

"Many people have their own valuable things in their life to which they really care and never wanna lose it. Similarly, I have many valuable things that cannot be bought or lost easily. Like time, we should always value the time we have, especially with our circle, since it's elusive and significant. Even happiness is essential for our mental health, which may affect the people around us." - Tenzin Nyesel.

"Firstly, life is the most valuable thing because we get human life after millions of years as a gift. We can make the most of the life given to us. Parents are also important in our life as parents not only give birth to children and provide needs like love, attention, support, care, and, most of all, knowledge. Pestalozzi is also one of the most valuable things in my life. I am fortunate and thankful to be a member of Pestalozzi and for giving me such a good opportunity to learn new things and be part of The Sunday School, by My Good School." - Smriti Rai.

"First of all, time is the most valuable thing in my; it does not have any start and end. It has its own way of moving; no one can stop it. For example, we cannot say time; please wait for me. I will study later or do any work later on. It will not wait for us. Because time doesn't wait for anyone, time is precious, so mostly all are scared to waste time. Time changes everyone's life. If we do all our work on time, it will make our future bright if we play with time, then our life will get worst. Time can control everything, but no one can control time. Even there is time for doing every work. Secondly, to be kind to others, be respectful, and help others is also valuable in my life." - Nirusha Limbu.

There are several things which have great value to me. Things which have great value in my life are time, health (both physical and mental), studies and nature. These things have been essential parts of my life since my childhood. I will always take great care and focus on these helpful values. Nishan Karki.

"Someone has rightly said `, Time and tide wait for none'. Each of us knows the value of time because we only get successful if we see the value of time. So, time is precious in our lives. We can buy a watch, but not time; once it goes, it never returns.

The second thing I value in my life is the opportunities and the love, care and support I get from people around me. Opportunities are valuable as, once gone can never come back. I am always thankful for all the people who helped me. I feel very grateful and lucky to have all those people in my life, especially Pestalozzi." - Shristi Khulal.

"The thing that I value the most in my life is my family. Families are important because nobody can live alone all the time. We need others to support us in our hard times and good times.No one could better support us than your family. They are always going to be there for you whenever you need them. I am here with my friends, who always support me because my family taught me to be friendly and good to everyone. There is a saying that says, "Treat others the way you want to be treated." I have a good relationship with everyone because of my family and the saying that they constantly reminded me of when I got upset and had a hard fight with anyone. I remember the saying and took action which would help make the situation better. I am very thankful for my family.

In my life, I value everything given to me by Pestalozzi and my family. I even value my career, so l can be successful and earn enough money to provide for my family and myself. I value my family, Pestalozzi staff and friends the most because they are the people with whom I can trust and share my problems. They are always there for me. Whenever I am in need" -  Ankita Khadka. 

"What I am grateful for, I wish to thank everyone I have ever met. They all are the ones who motivated me, who supported me, who studied and played with me. My family, especially my mother, to whom I am grateful for giving birth. My father who helped me in all ways till now. He is the one who fulfilled my requirement and who brought me toys when I was small. Here in Pestalozzi, I am grateful and thankful for whatever I get. I wish to thank the scolding which I get from my Ma'am".  - Tenzin Jambey

Sunday 13 November 2022

The Subtle Art Of Writing 📜 - Oshi Singh

-The Bewitching View Of My Wonderland-

Hey, I am Oshi Singh from Gyanshree. I am also an intern at the Joy Of Learning Program. Some of you might know me because of my posts on the joy of learning diaries. I am writing this article to pay tribute to My Good School for helping me find the missing 'ME' time in my life. The Sunday School has also helped me immensely, especially as a writer.

Finding time to read every week and learning how to be a better person, the weekly conversations always help me a lot. Also, reading other people's life experiences and getting the best out of them is a new skill that I developed here at My Good School.

The teachers and interns here have become like family to me. It has made me believe that this is where passion meets education.

I am thankful to everyone here who is helping me develop into a better human being and giving me excellent life opportunities. I look forward to getting to know the people better and collaborating with them. Also, after reading this, I hope some of you would like to join our family and make it grow bigger and wiser!

People have been writing as far as mankind can recollect; we have come a long way, from random ancient letters to a modern stable form of Writing. Writing, for me, holds an extraordinary place in my heart. While writing, I find a special feeling that is a little difficult to express, but if I try, it is something like peace. It is hard to find but harder to get rid of when discovered. When I write, I feel the greatest. I feel like Alice in Wonderland or Harry Potter at Hogwarts. Nothing compares to the feeling you get when you simply write while sitting on your balcony at the height of your society's building. Watching every single bird, car and plane pass while you write. Watching everyone look so tiny except for yourself, who is busy roaming and enjoying their fantasy world. It is the closest I can get to nature while living in cities. 

Writing for some is a doodle, while it is a tough row to hoe for some. The biggest misconception about Writing is that it's limited to schools and colleges, but I differ. I believe it is about an expression of thoughts. Writing is telling your tale and unravelling your thoughts on the blank page. It is about capturing your past and living your present. It is about making memories. 

Writing a journal is an excellent start to mastering this art. While writing in your journal, you don't need to care about spelling and grammar or its presentation. All you have to do is write; that's how I started, and You can too! The more and more you write, the better you get at the language and, more importantly, being able to clearly convey who you are and what's on your mind. People may or may not like it, but you will become more comfortable and confident about yourself. Reading books is also a great way to start writing! 

Sunday School is a live example. While we read stories of the greatest writers in history here every Sunday. We, too, write the most exciting and intriguing reflections and stories by aspiring writers. Later we post it on the Joy Of Learning Diaries, making it available for a lifetime and tracing a mark of our start. 

Finally, I hope you got my point, as Writing is more than making meaningful sentences. So why don't you give it a shot right now? After all, you're never too late to miss the train, and even if you do, take a deep breath & relax. There's another one coming your way, and you are on time for YOUR train! 

Oshi Singh
Gyanshree School 

Sunday 6 November 2022

How I Pity A Blank Page - Reveda Bhat

So, I love art.

There’s this thing I hate in my sketchbook, and that’s a page left blank after I’ve moved ahead to the others by drawing something on them.

I feel like a blank page symbolizes an emotion not spilt, a colour not splashed, a treasure not discovered and a mystery not unfolded!

Actually, I’m someone who doesn’t keep anything I want to express to myself, so either I spill it out, or I draw.

Plus, a blank page in my sketchbook is a part of my life that seems insignificant when no moment, no minute and no day is!

So, whenever it’s like that, I go back to the pages to fill them in with the colours of my life, to the days to fill them with memories and bring them back. Getting a happy memory back brings a smile to my face, while when it’s a sad one, you can find the deep sorrow reflected in my sketches.

Either way, add just the colourful ones below.


Reveda Bhat
Grade IX
The Aryan School

Sunday 17 July 2022

My Aspirations - Gaurangi Rastogi

Childhood has been miserable,

Because you have to learn something basic,

When we grow up as a teen 

I got pressured to top the boards 

I got pressured to become a doctor 

Will the world still accept if I am something else?

I feel like running away from home, 

I think I am not safe in my home sweet home, 

I want to speak to this world, 

I have my aspirations,

To change the mindset of the people 

Who judges me based on occupation,

Who are you to control me? 

I am a phoenix who takes the rebirth from its ashes

Which is from its failures.

If you control me, 

I will control you every time,

As you made my life miserable

I will make yours, 

At the end of the story 

I have my aspirations! 

Gaurangi Rastogi 

Class VII 

The Doon Girls’ School 

Tuesday 12 July 2022

Books: My Love - Gaurangi Rastogi

Everybody knows that Books are man's best friend, but for me, Books are my besties and unleash my imagination. Make me forget my pain or sometimes brings some memories back. Books changed my perspective on everything.

Like: Boarding schools are so strict! No offence, it was my first thought on the topic. But after I read some books on other people's experiences in other schools. It made me realize that it is an opinion. I have been a reader since childhood, and it helped unleash my imagination.

My childhood started with the stories of Mahabharat, Ramayana, Panchatantra, and many more. I always wish for a bookshelf in which I can store my books more efficiently. Some books are by my favourite author Ruskin Bond. I always love to experiment with the books like the evolution of the authors.

Fun Fact!- I named my shelf 'The Author's Collection'. Isn't it interesting? The biggest reason for books being my love is that they have added awareness to my life. Here is the picture of my "The Author's Collection'!

- Gaurangi Rastogi, The Doon Girls' School

Wednesday 6 July 2022

A scent that catches my attention - Rishona Chopra

A scent that catches my attention is rain; when rain and sand come together, it creates a beautiful fragrance which reminds me of how my mother and I used to have rain walks. When I was about 7 or 8 years old, my mother and I used to have rain walks and jump in puddles without an umbrella or raincoat. The moment I used to see a worm, I would jump and hug her tightly, and we would walk and talk. I remember walking for about an hour with her; the rain walks would connect us together.

The scent reminds me of these memorable memories with my mother, and I feel like re-living those moments again!

Rishona Chopra 
Grade VI
Gyanshree School

Sunday 17 April 2022

Real World Learning - Anvesha Rana


Real-World Learning and Reel World Learning are the sides of the same coin. Real Learning is necessary, but Reel Learning is what seems necessary. We cannot be aware of our education unless and until we are put in a situation to test our learning. Exams are the only way to test understanding these days, but there are numerous other ways to check our education. School Trips are an excellent way to assess students' global perspectives and core values.

Gathering in one place and deciding what to bring. The memories of dancing on the bus, eating on one plate and being friends with teachers are the recreations of my school trip. Schools trips may be educational, but they truly make learning fun!

Some trips are just unforgettable because they are lived full-heartedly with the best ones, and the best thing is that while coming back from these trips, we have an extra-large suitcase full of all the memories in our Hearts.

Anvesha Rana, 
Grade 10-B, 
Gyanshree School

Monday 11 April 2022

'If I'd Known It Then' poem by Malvika Mishra

'If I'd Known It Then.'

When midnight dawns and I lie in my bed,

When all is quiet, safe yet dark,

I travel to places near and far

But perhaps my favourite is a land called 'The Past',

Where there are no deer, no ponds, no trees,

Many and much has been lost here, for here it floods memories.

And as I swim my way through the past, I wish I'd known it Then

That a merry day too shall face an end,

For Fate and Time will take it away

That later, I'll wish but every day

'If I'd known it Then ….'

And I think how selfish of Time it is,

For it keeps what is gone, all to itself

And what is to come, it refuses to tell

And yet how generous of Time it is,

To give us what we have Now, to provide us with what we have in hand,

We can choose to make it a mere 'now' or decide to make it grand.

And this I shall not forget,

So, for now, I'll be happy, I'll smile,

I'll take a step down a road that is long a hundred miles,

For I know, I'll wish I'd been happier Now,

When I'm on my last step and in pain,

But, alas, I can not do that now; for now, I wish I'd known it then.

To whosoever is reading this,

This poem is incomplete; I did all that I could do,

But although I poured my heart out, there's not much a poem can hold true…

Malvika Mishra, 9F,  Ahlcon Public School

Sunday 20 March 2022

Annual Day at School - Arav Agarwal

After reading the chapter The Annual Day At School from the book My Good School: Where Passion Meets Education by Sandeep Dutt, I just flashback, remembering my annual days and the joy and happiness everyone used to get after participating in the Annual Day. 

We all love annual days, and so do I. We, as children, wait eagerly for such fun-filled events. We have skits, voiceover, dance, music band, and speeches on our yearly days. Also, the students get the opportunity and have fun organizing and planning the annual day along with the teachers. 

I still have memories of my Annual Day when I was in Senior KG. I was given the role of Narendra Modi and was to give a speech of Narendra Modi, and the theme was women empowerment. I still remember that parents were clapping in between the lecture. I also remember that after the Annual Day, when I went to School, a few children and parents used to ask me that are you, Narendra Modi. Also, a few parents asked my mother if, are you Narendra Modi’s mother. So, this was my memorable experience of my Annual Day.

We used to have a theme each year for our annual day. I am also missing my Annual Day for two years. As mentioned in the book, Annual days help us identify our skills and strengths, and I was able to identify my skills and strengths through my annual days. Also, it is mentioned in the book that students should get the rightful opportunity to showcase their creativity and talent, which everyone does beautifully on our School’s annual days. 

Annual Days were so much fun for my friends and me, and we used to enjoy them a lot.

Name: Arav Agarwal
Grade: 5C
Billabong High International School, Thane

Saturday 5 March 2022

Happiness - Asmi Patankar

Happiness does not have any material value. It is priceless. I feel happy when I have fun, read books, dance, talk with my friends, see new places, and much more. Whenever I do any of these activities, I feel happy. For one thing, whenever I see dogs, I feel thrilled. Since I feel so glad, I remember those experiences. And when I think about the memories, I feel happy. 

Name: Asmi Patankar
Grade: 5A
Billabong High International School, Thane

Sunday 26 September 2021

Amazing Hostel Life - Linisha Agarwal

 Hostel life gives the flexibility to fly within as well as outside in the open and seek knowledge from all dimensions. This life brings out the best in you and offers extremely valuable memories forever. Not all memories are pleasant, a few of them are unquestionably terrible; however, most of them are beautiful and priceless. 

During the hostel stay, students learn to live with different types of people, and hostel life also increases their level of patience. It prepares them to easily accept practical challenges in life. The students learn many things within the hostel. Students help and assist one another in the hour of need and become lifelong friends and are ready to endure any kind of hardship with each other and for one another.  

Furthermore, in a hostel, the individuals learn to become independent. Within the hostel, students should sleep in keeping with the rules of the hostel. They have to return to life on time, work on time, have food on time, study on time, in short, follow a disciplined life. This helps in maintaining discipline in their lifestyles. 

In a hostel, the students learn to do things on their own and not rely on their parents. They learn to be independent. School children staying in hostels are guided by a group of adults like wardens and teachers; a system like that of a joint or extended family. Hostel life makes the student’s life regular and systematic. Life in a hostel instills confidence in students and makes them responsible. This develops their personality. They learn to face problems in life without feeling the pressure and even if they feel the pressure they know how to handle it. In turn, they learn to be self-disciplined, regular, and punctual

Another major advantage of a boarding life is that it develops respect for other religions and cultures and talks about inclusion in all walks of hostel life. Students learn to help and cooperate with one another. They learn social etiquette and lead a more robust and disciplined life. Hostel life thus helps them to develop many good qualities and makes the students good citizens. 

I would say that living in the hostel is very conducive to a healthy lifestyle. The atmosphere is quite congenial for studies and suitable for the qualities of domestic life like co-operation, fellowship, and self–managing affairs. If a student takes it seriously, he can develop all qualities of an honest citizen.

1. Lifelong connections-I don’t care about the cleanliness of the hostel or whether the Wi-Fi connection works or not, what I care about most is the connections and friends you create inside. You’ll find all forms of amazing folks that won’t allow you to feel homesick or lonely.

2. Free advice -One thing you may find in every hostel you stay in. That is a free advice. There's always an admirer who is willing to assist you out with the weirdest of questions you've got.

3. Opportunities-You are allowed to travel around exploring numerous fields that you simply have not explored before, in new places among new people. You get to open up many new doors 

4. Time management Whether you’d shine at any other thing or not, managing time will be a sure shot. From the gossip or laughter or giggle or crying sessions with friends and running between other kinds of activities that you are required to try during a hostel, you learn to manage your time very well. 

5. Independence and freedom-Independence is something that almost all people barely get a chance to learn while they are staying at home. But in a hostel, you're in control of everything from getting up in the morning, to having meals, to washing clothes and every other thing. Hostel life gives the flexibility to fly within the open and seek stuff you couldn’t pursue otherwise.

6. Experience and Exposure When you move out of your home into a hostel you actually soak up a good deal of things, specifically, making new friends, adjusting to an entirely new environment, doing things on your own, taking initiatives, and living with freedom. Experience comes with time, from the problems, distress, frustration, and heartbreaks. A student who lives in a hostel is free from ordinary anxieties and cares. We can concentrate fully on our studies. Besides, we can take part in social activities and can learn many virtues from our senior students and adults around us.

We can also increase our knowledge and do away with our weaknesses. Thus, we become mannerly, polished, and cultured. Our shyness fades always. We learn to talk fluently and express our ideas. It's because we are living together with various kinds of scholars. We learn the way to behave in society. We acquire personal manners and, becomes a disciplined person and a good citizen.

- Linisha Agarwal, Class VII, The Doon Girls’ School