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Sunday 26 December 2021

Be a Dreamer - Rishona Chopra

Based on the chapter Be a dreamer by Dr Anupam Sibal from Is Your Child Ready to face the world.

Having dreams is something we all must-have. I don't mean dreams that you get while sleeping; I am 
talking about ambitions that we must have. We have come to Earth to play our part to be something that can help Earth and others' lives. 

Take the example of Abraham Lincon -
Abraham Lincon had a dream to put an end to slavery. He had that dream which many of us thought impossible, but Lincon made it possible. Even though he had to face many problems, he didn't give up on his dream and look what he did, he banned slavery in most places!!

So that was something he did. He played his part.
Of Course, it is essential to have a dream, but we must work hard for a dream to come true.

Rishona Chopra
Grade V
Gyanshree School