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How do I develop self-control? - Januka Basnet

Fš¢š«š¬š­š„š² š¬šžš„šŸ-šœšØš§š­š«šØš„ is ššžšŸš¢š§šžš š¢š§ š¦ššš§š² š°ššš²š¬ ššš¬ š°š¢š„š„š©šØš°šžš«, š¬šžš„šŸ šš¢š¬šœš¢š©š„š¢š§šž šØš« šœšØš§š¬šœš¢šžš§š­š¢šØš®š¬š§šžš¬š¬. However, I ššžšŸš¢š§šž š¬šžš„šŸ-šœšØš§š­š«šØš„ as ššš›šØš®š­ š›šžš¢š§š  ššš›š„šž š­šØ š«šžš š®š„ššš­šž š²šØš®š«š¬šžš„šŸ. CšØš§š­š«šØš„ šØš« š¦ššš¢š§š­ššš¢š§ š­š”šž š«ššš­šž šØš« š¬š©šžšžš š¬šžš„šŸ-šœšØš§š­š«šØš„ ššš„š¬šØ š¬š®š©š©šØš«š­ š²šØš®š§š  šœš”š¢š„šš«šžš§ š°š¢š­š” š­š¢š¦šžš„š² š«šžš¦š¢š§ššžš«š¬. šˆš­ š¢š¬ š”ššš«š š­šØ š¬š­š¢šœš¤ š°š¢š­š” š­š”šž š©š«šØš š«ššš¦ š¢šŸ š°šž ššØš§'š­ š«šžš¦šžš¦š›šžš« š­š”šž š«š®š„šžš¬ ššš§š š²šØš®š§š  šœš”š¢š„šš«šžš§ š”šššÆšž š¦šØš«šž š­š«šØš®š›š„šž š¤šžšžš©š¢š§š  their šš¢š«šžšœš­š¢šØš§ of š¦š¢š§š. Tš”šžš² ššš«šž šžššš¬š¢š„š² šš¢š¬š­š«šššœš­šžš š¬šØ š¢š­'š¬ š”šžš„š©šŸš®š„ š­šØ š«šžš¦š¢š§š š²šØš®š§š  šœš”š¢š„šš«šžš§ ššš›šØš®š­ šØš®š« šžš±š©šžšœš­ššš­š¢šØš§š¬. š€ š¬š­š®ššžš§š­ š°š”šØ š°šØš§'š­ šœšØšØš©šžš«ššš­šž š¢š§ š­š”šž šœš„ššš¬š¬ š«šØšØš¦ š¦š¢š š”š­

Handling Pressure - Savyata Rijal

The world has come where 5-year-old children complain about pressure.  Pressure comes from others that's external, and at times we pressurize ourselves that's internal- self-created. Many children are the victims of such force in today's rat race. Also, in this race of excelling, parents are the ones who give children that pressure most of the time. They want their children to be the best at everything, but nothing can be done perfectly. Their children try to keep up with their parent's expectations, and in this process, they are super stressed and feel the pressure.  Parents should not compare their children with others; instead, they should ask their children if they are under pressure and try to reduce it and counsel them. Moreover, parents aren't the only ones responsible, it's their own friends too. There's peer pressure to do stuff like weight loss, looks, class performance, etc.  To conclude, I would like to say that parents have a significant rol

Holding on my Head - Meenakshi Choudhary

I am holding on to my head Mountain of expectations Walking on the path of my life With boundaries of relations My balloon of love was ruptured By religion and culture My life is pointless and boring With nothing to nurture The world is running For the rain of the fame For their own mistakes They just want someone to blame I just ignored them all When I should have fought with them But I wasn't knowing They play this filthy game Within no time I was now left in shame No one even bothered To come and feel my pain Now I am jobless Waiting for a hopeful ring What's left in me Is just a confused being This world to me is like a roofless home in summers, At nights I feel peaceful, and whole day sun hammers It has windows, walls doors To divide me from others Nothing we talk rather Then just useless matters With jealousy of others my windows shatter I don't have a lover, so I don't care about the haters I end my beer bottles Till I burst my bladders I sing all songs in bl

Happiness - Arjun Vaishnav

Happiness is an emotion, enjoyment, joyfulness and contentment. Many people have feelings for happiness. Then happiness is enjoyment and entertainment for me. Some people are happy when they receive gifts, while some are happy when their dreams are fulfilled. I also get so glad when I receive a gift on my birthday. There are many incidents in my life when I was happy. I want to share one of the best incidents of my life when I was happy. I went for an outing with my family members at Tungareshwar. We enjoyed many things there. We enjoyed the natural beauty and the forest area where we saw many types of trees, rivers and animals. I was thrilled when I crossed the river by paddling through it. There is a temple of Lord Shiva there. It is a vast temple. We ate many things there. It was a memorable and happiest day of my life. I was thrilled on that day. My family members and I enjoyed the picnic a lot. In my eyes, happiness is not only enjoying with our family members, but it could be wit