Monday 27 December 2021

Handling Pressure - Savyata Rijal

The world has come where 5-year-old children complain about pressure. 

Pressure comes from others that's external, and at times we pressurize ourselves that's internal- self-created. Many children are the victims of such force in today's rat race. Also, in this race of excelling, parents are the ones who give children that pressure most of the time. They want their children to be the best at everything, but nothing can be done perfectly. Their children try to keep up with their parent's expectations, and in this process, they are super stressed and feel the pressure. 

Parents should not compare their children with others; instead, they should ask their children if they are under pressure and try to reduce it and counsel them. Moreover, parents aren't the only ones responsible, it's their own friends too. There's peer pressure to do stuff like weight loss, looks, class performance, etc. 

To conclude, I would like to say that parents have a significant role in their child's life. Instead, they should not give them pressure; rather, interact with them, take their teachers to help, and in partnership should motivate their child to do their part in a stress-free and friendly manner- act as the philosopher, friend and guide, allowing them to bring out their best.

Savyata Rijal
Grade 8
The Doon Girls School

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