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Celebrating Respect - Aarika Banka

“Respect everything and everyone” that’s what all your parents taught us, haven’t they? But have you ever actually thought about it? Respect is a significant value in our lives that we often forget about. There are so many creatures on our incredible earth. Respect means accepting somebody for who they are, even though you don’t agree with them or are different. They’re all organisms that we don’t know how important they are. An ant? Doesn’t matter if you kill it. It is useless. Killing a few ants won’t do any harm. There are so many things that we need to learn to respect, the decisions of people, the lives of people and organisms and endless things. Respect is something that we all deserve. It is not just others we need to learn to respect. Sometimes, people think they are less than others. They become “insecure” and have low self-respect. We need to know to respect ourselves and our lives. It is not just others. Respecting friends, family, strangers, animals, biotic things, abiotic

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