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Tomoe Gakuen - Aanya Kumar

A school on a train does sound weird. But, according to Totto-chan, it could be real fun. Tomoe Gakuen was full of fun-filled surprises for all its students.

I would like to present this poem on Tomoe Gakuen:

Tomoe Gakuen, an unusal school,

With train boogies as its classrooms.

With no rules for studying or going in the pool,

To the students, it seemed relatively cool.

Totto-chan was expelled,

Mother was worried.

She had to find a new school,

An unusual one indeed!

Tomoe Gakuen, was fit for Totto-chan,

As her day at the new school quickly began.

Totto-Chan was happy and had hights to seek 

And I’d say the school was pretty unique.

Aanya Kumar
Podar International School
Grade 6 B


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