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My pen's view on nature - Yashraj Sharma

                                                      A big part of who we are or how we are recognised is the company we stay in, which means the type of people we are surrounded by.   Mother nature is also filled with examples like this, like this picture I took today at the Pradhan Mantri Sanghralaya . Let me tell you the 2 ideas I came up with when I first saw this picture. First, I thought that the part of the tree with the concrete wall in its background is the stage in a person's life when they have a fixed, enclosed and rigid mindset. But the part of the tree with the other trees in its background is part of a person's life when they are mixed with people with positive vibes and a "growth" mindset open to new thoughts and suggestions. This thought about the different perspectives of people depicted in this picture came to me from the 'My Guide Inside' session on Friday. The second utterly different idea I came up with was that when the tree had the co

Opening our Wings - Rishona Chopra

Sometimes in life, things don't go your way,  You feel disheartened and tend to go away.   But changes are constant,  If you don't embrace them, you feel distant.  The wind's direction changes,  The sea's waves change, Day and night change,  With each passing day, there is a change.  I rather go along with it than against it, It's for our own benefit.  I say, dear change, Is it essential for you to play your game? It says, Yes, it's just a little quiz, Do you go along or want separation? Change is a wonderful yet a difficult thing, It simply helps us to open our wings. Rishona Chopra Grade VII Gyanshree School