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Monday 23 October 2023

Purpose to Live - Aria Gupta

Have we asked ourselves, Why do we want to live? What is our purpose for living? How do we find this purpose if we haven't already? This simple introspection can do wonders for us. It can help us find our passion, which can give us happiness.

"Why do you like art so much?" I randomly asked Myla, a classmate I wanted to befriend. She loves to draw and is nicknamed "6D's Artist". "Well, one day, I just sat and drew something, and I had fun, so I continued drawing until art became my passion. She replied. The answer made me think. Could we find our motivation to live? This way. Soon, the bell rang, and we went back home. I sat on the bed and kept on thinking.

Soon, I saw a little bird whose wings had been injured. It was wailing loudly for help. I quickly fed it some rice and gave it water. I also bandaged the bleeding area and allowed it to heal on the balcony. Day after day, the wounds healed slowly but surely. Eventually, all the injuries were cured, and it was time for the bird to leave. The bird sang a beautiful song before flying into the wide world. At that time, something sparked in me. I felt happy. Helping the bird. Maybe this could be my passion.

It has been one month since the incident, and it has helped me find my passion. I now love helping not only people but Mother Nature as well. It turns out Myla was right. You just try and find your purpose in living, just like that.

How was this story? The lesson of this story is to just try to find your purpose for living. Just ask yourself why, and if you can't find an answer, try out everything that might seem mildly interesting until you find your passion.

Aria Gupta
Gyanshree School
Image Courtesy- Reader's Digest

Monday 7 August 2023

Waiting to Live - Reveda Bhatt

"If we had to wait to live, sorry, but I'd prefer dying."

Okay, I say that practically, not literally. You know why - because, to live, we do not need to wait. So, why did I say that? That is because to figure out the mysteries of this circle, we need to strive constantly to be at our fullest. 

Be it in the dark,

Be it high up in the sky,

Never put yourself down,

Soar up and strive high.

You know what, 

Life is just too mysterious.

Now, ask yourself -

"Am I any less?"

No, of course not -

Discover your potential.

Don't wait to live.

Live life loud and make it memorable.

P. S. The quote is just statistical.

Reveda Bhatt

The Aryan School, Dehradun

Monday 28 November 2022

The Superficial Rosy-ness - Reveda Bhatt

“We all love roses, and when I say that, I mean the blooming ones because nobody even cares a bit when they seem to wilt!”

You know, the usual-a rose-too common but never seems to get outdated. The emotions hiding behind this flower are too many to comprehend. They stick out everywhere-in happy moments as well as in sad ones. When seen in and out, it sometimes even portrays the human character of being multifaced-tender and mild on the outside but painful or raging on the inside, just like a human heart could be!

Like any other flower, roses go through the stages of life where first, as a growing bud, they are provided with everything they need to grow. They struggle through the part of their lives to fully mature, and later, some are plucked by us as we gaze at its brilliance and find a place in a vase, and we keep it till we can gain something out of it-a pleasant smell and a decent look.

Happy till it serves us with all that, and then, once it ages, it’s thrown back into the environment was cut off from before because it’s no use now. Then, there lies the depressing vase, empty, just waiting to take over the life of another. This cycle keeps on going because sometimes it’s easier to keep moving in the same process over and over again rather than risking all of it and jumping off it having no idea where
you’ll land.

Fun fact: The look of the rose we get is also superficial. How?

Once the old, raging flower petals wither and fall off, rather than the bud that once swayed proudly with its colourful petals, there just stands a stem with thorns waiting to hurt you!

Reveda Bhatt
Grade 9
The Aryan School

Saturday 15 October 2022

A Dilemma - Reveda Bhatt

"…wondering whether I wait to live or if waiting is also living;" - From 'Extinctions' by Sharmistha Mohanty.

Due to the greed pertaining in humans, which doesn't seem to have an end, every moment of our lives is spent waiting for something from our to-do list. Some people are lucky enough to get what they want while waiting for theirs, and some do not understand that what they lost for what they wanted was what could have been gained.

In life, some of us just fix a pinpoint around our life circles wherein instead of living freely, we tie ourselves onto a mystical bull's eye, which we aren't even sure about. We, people, save money for our future or future generations, dragging ourselves into a so-charming-as-seen-superficial bond which limits our life, wings, and flight.

Now, realizing what we are doing with our lives raises a dilemma: whether to wait to live or to live! Taking a step towards waiting to live, the thought popping into our mind is the worry about whether the next generation would be much self-obsessed to even pay us back for the time we spent establishing a bright future for them. Believing they won't, we reframe our step back towards the initial position and then towards living, when we tend to wonder what if our next generation will not be able to get all the best things in life just because of our one stupidity to live freely and fully. That is how few moments of
our lives slip off our hands just like that, waiting for another.

The fact that we limit ourselves in this materialistic world when we can grow out of it really makes me wonder why we want such pleasures? It's not that I am saying let go of them. No! We also need them for our living, but picking out for them in excess is bad. It shouldn't ever be like you are stealing someone's right. All I am saying is that what gets sowed here on this planet, ultimately, wilts.

We get decayed in the same soil where we used to play, blow away in the same air that we
used to breathe, flow out in the same water that we used to swim in and get ash-ed up in
the same fire that once used to give us warmth.

In the past few years, I've learnt that by waiting for something else to come in, we make something go out, out of our mind, out of our soul, out of our body and lives. Halting for a moment to catch on, we lose another. People come, people, go, and moments come, moments go, although once the present is gone, it never comes back but haunts you as your past, a past that could have been better.

So, what I've been doing since those years after realizing that waiting is also living, is- "Forget the past, live in the present and think of the future."

Future, too, sometimes, but not always.
Long way ahead!? 

Reveda Bhatt
Grade IX
The Aryan School, Dehradun

Image courtesy My Good School, spreading the joy of learning for a better tomorrow.