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Tuesday 26 March 2024

Passion, Commitment, and the Journey to Success - Shambhavi Nautiyal

"Fuel your journey with passion, but anchor it with commitment. Success awaits those who walk the path with dedication."

Passion is a barely controllable emotion, and that’s wholly true if you ask me: Anyone can strongly hate or love a subject or job inexplicably, but this is where ‘commitments’ enter the chat. Whether we like something or not, if we want to enhance our skills and achieve a specific goal, we have to work towards our goal consistently. 

If we aim to succeed, we have to set aside all our distractions and “passions,” other than the passion for working hard and becoming successful. To remind ourselves of the spark and determination we had while setting our goals, we should remind ourselves of our purpose through vision-boarding and reading the transcript written at the time of goal-setting. 

Because our results seem unknown, we feel demotivated to work (which is pleasant in a way as it indicates our self-awareness), which is why we should romanticize the process of working and make that our goal. Consistency and discipline make up our commitments and should be our only goal.

Leave the rest to God.

Shambhavi Nautiyal

Wednesday 14 February 2024

Cultivating Passion - Divyanshu Singh

Passion: The Nexus of Interest and Dedication 

What is passion capable of;

Passion, a word that can elicit smiles from some, transcends mere vocabulary; it embodies a spectrum of emotions and actions. For many, passion is an unwavering commitment, a fervor so intense they guard it with utmost secrecy. Yet, its power is undeniable; it can forge bonds or fracture relationships, spark innovation or unveil discoveries, and ultimately shape careers.

As Benjamin Franklin aptly put it, 'Find something you are passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.' Indeed, passion often paves the path to a fulfilling career, as individuals willingly immerse themselves in pursuits such as fishing, boating, drawing, and beyond. This pursuit is fueled by both interest and dedication.

Interest, a complex sentiment, drives a relentless quest for knowledge and understanding, often leading to the sharing of insights with others. Without satisfaction, curiosity lingers unquenched. Dedication, on the other hand, is the unwavering resolve to see endeavors through to fruition, fueled by the fulfillment of our interests.

In the words of Franklin again, 'An investment in knowledge pays the best interest,' underscoring the enduring value of curiosity and dedication in the pursuit of passion-fueled endeavors.

Divyanshu Singh
Class - 7
Sunbeam School Hostel Lahartara

Wednesday 7 February 2024

Primary Greatness - Rudranshi Rai

Primary greatness is who you really are: your character, integrity, deepest motives, and desires. It is made in our life. Greatness can also be attributed to individuals who possess a natural ability to be better than all others. Honesty is the first step to greatness. The secret life where your heart is reveals your real motives.

The ultimate desire of your life consists of four pillars of greatness: Vision, Passion, Action, and Principles. If we believe secondary greatness is better than primary greatness, we have no hope of achieving primary greatness."

Rudranshi Rai
Class - 9
Sunbeam School, Lahartara

Saturday 20 January 2024

The Jai Hind Project - Vineet KKN 'Panchi'

Streaming Worldwide

The Interns of My Good School produce podcasts with élan. Listen to heartwarming stories about schools, schooling and their passion for education. Check out the Learning Forward Podcast on Spotify, Apple, Google, or your favourite podcast application.

In Season 13, Episode 5 of Learning Forward, Vineet KKN 'Panchhi' converses with Anvesha Rana and Saikiran Sahu, leaving a lasting impression on listeners with his unconventional introduction. While most guests are introduced by their educational qualifications, Vineet urged audiences to focus on his passions instead. From cars and bikes to travel and communication, music, outdoor films, voice acting, writing, leadership coaching, and Urdu poetry, Vineet is a dynamic individual with diverse interests. He describes himself as a "rolling stone" and has pursued his passions relentlessly. From being a teenage musician in a band to a filmmaker, communication expert, and Urdu poet, Vineet has done it all. He is also the founder of The Jai Hind Project and Word of Mouth Media. By showcasing his unique perspective, Vineet's approach inspires viewers to embrace and pursue their passions with the same dedication and commitment.

Sunday 31 December 2023

Tenzin Chonzom pours out her heart for My Good School!

Good evening, sir; this is Tenzin Chonzom ✨

We did a lot for today's class, but what reflected in my mind was that happiness is the result and not a cause.

I want to write a short note on this because of a discussion we had in class. 

It depends on external things. Its result, which comes from within due to our kind works, gives happiness. 

* Life of Crescendo (reflection)

. Life is a mission, not a career

. It tells About what keeps people growing

. We learned about the six paths

       : happiness is the result, not the cause 

       : stress is not bad

       : Physical exercise is essential and good 

. If you enjoy

        : Cash doesn't last

        : Stay involved in work

        : Maintenance of a robust social network

. Anyone who keeps learning stays young 🌱

. Staying focused

. It's all recognition of the abundance of facts. 

*Creating Passion 

Passions are developed through emotions, mainly through activities that you find to be fun.

As mentioned by Amerdeep sir in a previous session, he remarked, "DON'T FOLLOW PASSION. CREATE YOUR OWN PASSION." he has motivated me through all aspects of problems with his meeting in the session.


* Leaving 2023 and moving to 2024 ( learning I did from My Good School in this passing year )

 . Breaking goals into smaller steps makes them more accessible for students to comprehend. As mentioned by Amerdeep, sir.

My Good School always taught me never to stop dreaming and to keep learning and improving my reading, writing, and listening skills.

A good school encourages the young minds of students and is filled with positive thoughts.

Thank you, sir.

Tenzin Chonzom
Pestalozzi Children's Village India

Monday 25 December 2023

Importance of Taking Risk ! And many more - Sunbeam School Lahartara

Reflections from the Sunday School

Importance Of Taking Risks

Taking risks is important because it builds our knowledge. Taking risks is something that we all have to do in our lives. Sometimes, taking risks is essential; it builds our confidence and makes us better than if we never took them. Because it brings a good change and helps us learn. Taking risks is a core element of human life. Failure and mistakes are common when taking risks. We should not be afraid because we will realise instead and become successful men eventually.

"Great Success Always Comes at the Risk of Enormous Failure". Winston Churchill

Divyanshu Agarwal- IX D

Experiential Insights from the point of view of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Practice self-service to humanity and treat everyone equally. Incorporate daily meditation and prayer into our routine, as Guru Nanak did.

"SEWA" engages in voluntary services to help those in need. For the past several decades, societies worldwide have examined the concept of equality, debating bias in the workplace, social arenas at home, and religion. According to Guru Nanak, life's purpose is to become a truthful being and enlighten others.

"Dwell in peace of the house of your own being, and the message of death will not be able to touch you."  

Shubhangi Kashyap - VIII B

Tata'sTata Stories

My good school is a place to learn good things and morals. For me, it is always exciting to attend the sessions of good schools. Tata Stories inspire me to do something unique in life. It gives me the passion to carry forward any work with sustainability and longevity. Like Sandeep sir said, age is just a number, and we should dream big and achieve big.

Samriddhi Banerjee- IVB

A dream is not something you see when you sleep; a dream doesn't let you sleep. Dreams, the nocturnal symphony of the mind, transport us to realms unknown. As we surrender to the embrace of sleep, the subconscious weaves tapestries of imagination and emotion. In this ethereal dance, the boundaries of reality blur, and the mind becomes a canvas for the surreal and fantastical. Dreams are the silent storytellers, narrating tales that defy logic and gravity, where the mundane transforms into the extraordinary. Each night, we embark on odysseys of the mind, encountering phantoms of the past and visions of the future.

Aryan Kumar - VII A

Sunday 24 December 2023

Reflections for today's meeting - Tenzin Chonzom

Sunday School 24th December 2024

We watched a video of an American woman who is 92 years old and an advocator of social justice, an incredible woman who encouraged me and taught me that it's never too late to start something.

•⁠  ⁠Having an extraordinary meeting with Amardeep sir was the most significant opportunity I had; with the help of his advice, a lot of things struct my mind

The following are:

 1.⁠ ⁠Not to follow a passion; create your passion.

 2.⁠ ⁠Never chase recognition (you'll not achieve anything). Create your content.

 3.⁠ ⁠Keep trying many things because we don't know the emergence.

 4.⁠ ⁠Everything in life is a means to an end, and there will be a chance to excel.

 5.⁠ ⁠Religion is a subset of legacy.

 6.⁠ ⁠Dreams are supposed to be filled with challenges and obstacles.

 7.⁠ ⁠Learning is feet for every individual.

Amardeep sir, In his documentary, The Tapestry of Guru Nanak:

I highly appreciate his hard work of 30 years and self-discovery. His interest in going to every risky area shows his passion and bravery.

My takeaway from this meeting is that he motivated me through all situations 🙏.

Tenzin Chonzom (Girl) from 9th grade 
Pestalozzi Children's Village India

Tuesday 5 December 2023

Jai Hind - Ankit Raj

We should understand our nation. We only go to school. We live with a silver spoon and only live in our bubble. But we should not. We should break that bubble and move out to be

*Nothing is as important as passion; no matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate.
*In 1907, Champakaraman Pillai coined the term. "Jai Hind'. Which was adapted as the slogan of the Indian National Army in the 1940s at the suggestion of Abid Hasan.

*The opposite of a hero is a villain, while power gives you the inner strength to fight inner problems and outer ones, too...

Ankit Raj Class 8B 
Sunbeam School, Lahartara Hostel

Tuesday 14 November 2023

JOL Diaries November 23

Newsletter by My Good School

"This Children's Day of the year 2023, we are most delighted to bring you the first issue of our monthly newsletter, and we look forward to the middle of every month to get into the middle of your heart and mind with #JoyOfLearning".
Rishona Chopra, School Captain

Friday 27 October 2023

Purpose to live - Pasang Sherpa

Like precious metals, gold and silver have a purpose, which is to satisfy people's desire for luxury. Our lives too have a purpose, but it is hidden. We can find it only if we have a hobby. Having a hobby means that we are one step ahead of finding our purpose in life. And if we are very much into our hobby, then that is the time when we change our hobby into a passion. Passion acts as a medium to sustain life; without it, our lives are futile.

Pasang Sherpa
Pestalozzi Children's Village Society
Image Courtesy- @syifatemplate

Wednesday 25 October 2023

Purpose To Live - Arfa Khan

Story Pin image
We all have a purpose. Our purpose gives us a reason to wake up each day. Without a purpose, our lives feel meaningless. Our lives become equivalent to wandering on a crooked path with no destination. In a world where money, power, and status are chased, we often forget what truly matters: a meaningful life. These pursuits don’t fulfill our existential emptiness; after all, there is always a question of why we ‘need’ power or status. To boast about it? Is that our purpose? Of course not! Our purpose plays a role here too; just chasing after material wealth won't solve the lack of meaning. Without awareness of the motive, our lives would be stuck in an endless cycle, waking up without a goal and then working a regular job to support a meaningless life financially. To find a reason to work, to live, and to keep going, we must find our purpose, but how?

Imagine you are held at gunpoint. While you’re begging to be set free to live, the criminal says, “Give me just one reason why I should let you live”. What would be your answer? That’s your purpose. A soldier’s purpose is to protect his nation’s land; an artist’s purpose is to amuse everyone’s eyes with their art; a doctor’s purpose is to save lives; an activist’s purpose is to fight for equality; and a mother’s purpose is to care for her child.

Finding our purpose takes time and requires a lot of pondering. Maybe it resides in one’s passions—to care for a loved one or to fight for justice and freedom. It gives us a reason to keep pushing forward—something to live for and die for. Each person has their own purpose, and you can find yours.

Arfa Khan
Ahlcon Public School

Image courtesy:

Monday 23 October 2023

Purpose to Live - Aria Gupta

Have we asked ourselves, Why do we want to live? What is our purpose for living? How do we find this purpose if we haven't already? This simple introspection can do wonders for us. It can help us find our passion, which can give us happiness.

"Why do you like art so much?" I randomly asked Myla, a classmate I wanted to befriend. She loves to draw and is nicknamed "6D's Artist". "Well, one day, I just sat and drew something, and I had fun, so I continued drawing until art became my passion. She replied. The answer made me think. Could we find our motivation to live? This way. Soon, the bell rang, and we went back home. I sat on the bed and kept on thinking.

Soon, I saw a little bird whose wings had been injured. It was wailing loudly for help. I quickly fed it some rice and gave it water. I also bandaged the bleeding area and allowed it to heal on the balcony. Day after day, the wounds healed slowly but surely. Eventually, all the injuries were cured, and it was time for the bird to leave. The bird sang a beautiful song before flying into the wide world. At that time, something sparked in me. I felt happy. Helping the bird. Maybe this could be my passion.

It has been one month since the incident, and it has helped me find my passion. I now love helping not only people but Mother Nature as well. It turns out Myla was right. You just try and find your purpose in living, just like that.

How was this story? The lesson of this story is to just try to find your purpose for living. Just ask yourself why, and if you can't find an answer, try out everything that might seem mildly interesting until you find your passion.

Aria Gupta
Gyanshree School
Image Courtesy- Reader's Digest

Sunday 27 November 2022

Ikigai - Rishona Chopra

I am on my journey to find my Ikigai,
While wishing I,
Could see it sooner.
But little do I know,
That my journey,
Is an army,
To find my ikigai,
And that itself is an ikigai.
All ambitions and dreams,
Half-fulfilled streams.
Never have I felt this passion.
To find my meaning for being.

We all were born to do something. But this question always encounters us - What is my reason for being? The beautiful part is that knowing this takes a long journey for most people. Some of us already know our passion - our reason for being.

It's okay if you don't. It's a journey that has to enjoy. Have you ever felt that by watching a movie related to space, you want to become an astronaut or perhaps by watching a few video games, you want to be a creator?

Many people have gone through this journey, and you know you don't really have to put in any effort. Life unfolds itself with its wonders. Let it.

Rishona Chopra
Grade VI
Gyanshree School

Sunday 13 November 2022

Swami and Friends - Anvesha Rana

Swami and his friends are anxious about their match with the Young Men's Union. Specially Rajam, who is troubled by Swami's lack of practice and can't think of anything except their game. But what can Swami do? How can he elude drill classes and scout classes without getting caught? Somehow Swami manages to convince his doctor to tell his Headmaster that Swami suffers from Delirium and he must die if he were to attend these extra classes. 

Happy at the prospect of being able to skip these classes, Swami now has enough time to practice and hone his cricket skills, but the freedom doesn't last long. The Headmaster catches Swami, scolds him and punishes him; Swami also realises that he had been tricked by the wicked doctor; the only option left for him now is to leave the school, leave his home and leave his town and then he finally goes to bid goodbye to Rajam.

However, on meeting Rajam, Swami realises there seems to be no other option. He fills Swami with the spirit of victory and the team's need for Swami, and Swami feels that he will leave after the match. 

My favourite subject in school is History because knowing about the past to not repeat the same mistake in the future is History. History improves us. It makes us take rational decisions, creates a conscience and helps in an outlook for the future. 

Anvesha Rana, 
Grade 10-B, 
Gyanshree School

Monday 15 August 2022

My Great Grandfather - Rishona Chopra

Hearing - Great Grandfather, you might think he was my grandfather's father, but I am talking about my grandfather, who is so great. I call him"Nanoo". He is the most fun person I know and very cute. We both eat popcorn together and watch TV shows together too! He has a gym cycle in his house, and I always go to his flat to ride on the bicycle. He shows me my mother's photos and old CDs and books. 

I am teaching him how to play Sudoku, too, it's a challenging game, but he is learning it really well and is so passionate. I got a Sudoku book 3 years ago and only did 40 Sudoku, but he got one 3 months ago and has completed 70 puzzles! He definitely won't rest until he has completed all the puzzles! He sometimes has back pain, so I try to help him as much as possible. Sometimes, I can't understand what he says, but when he laughs, I laugh too, even though I don't know why he is laughing! 

Rishona Chopra
Grade VI
Gyanshree School

Sunday 7 August 2022

"I want to be a spy" - Rishona Chopra

Our passion comes from within; it doesn't matter if we are not good at it. As long as we are interested in it, it's perfect for us. Being a spy is formidable, but as long as it is your passion, you'll be able to master it quickly.

For Tai -chan, I think he doesn't understand respecting one's imagination but is more serious and practical. I think Totto-chan is perfect to be a spy; I hope she becomes a spy when she grows up!

Reading Totto-chan, even I want to become a spy, but my true passion is to become a doctor!

Totto-chan the girl who wants to become a spy,
Even rejected, she won't cry,
She's finding a passion,
I am sure she has one,
She can be whatever she wants,
She could even own restaurants!
I am sure she could be a spy,
At least she could try,
Looking at her, 
I, too, want to be a spy!

Rishona Chopra
Grade VI
Gyanshree School

Thursday 21 July 2022

My Passion - Rishona Chopra

Starting with a dream to become a teacher,

Thinking that I had that feature,

Then wanted to be a ballerina,

And present a show in Argentina!

I then wanted to be a rebel,

Or become a fairy and cast a spell.

Now finally, I want to become a doctor,

And a wonderful daughter.

A neurosurgeon perhaps,

And if I fail, I wouldn't collapse.

I have so many dreams to fulfil,

I really don't know which one to start with!

I could be a writer,

And be even brighter,

Most important of all, I want to be a good person,

And make sure things don't worsen!

Rishona Chopra
Grade VI
Gyanshree School

Sunday 20 March 2022

Annual Day at School - Arav Agarwal

After reading the chapter The Annual Day At School from the book My Good School: Where Passion Meets Education by Sandeep Dutt, I just flashback, remembering my annual days and the joy and happiness everyone used to get after participating in the Annual Day. 

We all love annual days, and so do I. We, as children, wait eagerly for such fun-filled events. We have skits, voiceover, dance, music band, and speeches on our yearly days. Also, the students get the opportunity and have fun organizing and planning the annual day along with the teachers. 

I still have memories of my Annual Day when I was in Senior KG. I was given the role of Narendra Modi and was to give a speech of Narendra Modi, and the theme was women empowerment. I still remember that parents were clapping in between the lecture. I also remember that after the Annual Day, when I went to School, a few children and parents used to ask me that are you, Narendra Modi. Also, a few parents asked my mother if, are you Narendra Modi’s mother. So, this was my memorable experience of my Annual Day.

We used to have a theme each year for our annual day. I am also missing my Annual Day for two years. As mentioned in the book, Annual days help us identify our skills and strengths, and I was able to identify my skills and strengths through my annual days. Also, it is mentioned in the book that students should get the rightful opportunity to showcase their creativity and talent, which everyone does beautifully on our School’s annual days. 

Annual Days were so much fun for my friends and me, and we used to enjoy them a lot.

Name: Arav Agarwal
Grade: 5C
Billabong High International School, Thane

Saturday 12 March 2022

Why Go To School ? - Anvesha Rana

All of us go to school, where we learn and grow. Most of us love to go there, some don’t, and others just despise the idea of a school, but do we even know the latent purpose of the place we have been attending since our childhood? Many believe that schools are where students study, but they are beyond that. Schools are abodes of knowledge where students learn under the direction of teachers. Schools are more than academics. They are about encouraging sports, promoting service and initiating skill. The real purpose should ignite lifelong curiosity and make every child a lifelong learner. If any person has the will to learn, the fire to know, and the desire to succeed, they are unstoppable. 

A School should value each child who knocks at the door to seek knowledge. The school should not become a matter of marks, subjects or grades. Instead, it should be a journey for each individual to mould themselves into perfect works of art to discover their true identity and passion. Live as if you were to die tomorrow; learn as if you were to live forever. If we start taking an interest in daily education, not just in school but outside the school boundaries, utilize life as much as we can, we will never miss an opportunity to learn something new. Be it a new dish, a new skill, a new dance, a new craft, etc., the passion for knowing everything will always run in us, which is when passion will meet education.

Schools are not just for students to discover their true self; some teachers can also realize their self-creation at schools. Teaching is one of the most beautiful professions, where students never run out of questions and teachers always have an excellent reply to each one. Happy teachers are one of the most integral aspects of making a Good School. Educators and teachers also launch themselves on a path of self-discovery whilst providing education to many.  

All schools have different visions, missions and philosophies. For instance, Shanti Niketan, a school by Rabindranath Tagore, had a task for education for better concept clarity and understanding of topics. It was a different school and was one of the best in its league. Similarly, schools should stand out with some striking features, making parents choose them for their children. 

To sum it all up, a school is not just a brick-and-mortar structure but a haven of knowledge, safety, friendship, learning, and happiness. School is an environment for improvement, which any individual can create within themselves through ‘ The School Of Life.’

Anvesha Rana, 
Grade 10 - B, 
Gyanshree School

Monday 28 February 2022

Where Passion Meets Education - Rishona Chopra


Ever wondered about a place where passion meets education. A place where learning is fun and fun is learning? Well, you might have found that special place! That special place is a school - My Good School. 

Here you can exercise and work on your abilities independently! You learn what you need to master your goal! No, not history, physics and math but values. You learn values!

Not only that, but every Sunday at 11 am, we meet up and read one unique book with a meaning that could change our lives and way of thinking! You can write blogs podcasts and post them like I am. You could be an intern, be a designer, make designs and be in our marketing team too!

It’s not just for children but for teachers too! We have a few partner programs too, like - Slooh (space program), Sportify (sports program), Well-Being Program and several others!

It is, of course, not necessary to do it all! Just do what you like, when you want!

It is indeed a place where passion meets education.

Rishona Chopra Grade V Gyanshree School