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Freedom - Linisha Agarwal

Freedom and privilege both are the most debatable terms today. Freedom is the ability to make choices and to carry them out successfully. Freedom to me is to be ready to make decisions and choices independently, keeping consequences in mind, to be prepared to breathe willingly. Freedom is something that everyone wants and deserves as a gift. Freedom is the most significant thing in my life to live confidently and respectfully. Keeping this in mind, I can say that you, me, and we all have Freedom but still crib for petty things; instead, we should think about those unfortunate who don t even experience essential Freedom. Some might consider freedom a license to do whatever they wish to do with no restrictions, forgetting that their duties complement this term. Freedom is that choice to measure your life in terms of doing what you & like to, to live where you'd like to, and most importantly, to seek out what your heart aspires. This suggests that Freedom can apply to different as