Sunday 21 November 2021

Co-operation - Hetal Vaishnav

Co-operation means working together. 

Co-operation is essential for us and our society. 

For example, co-operation is when someone hands you a paper, and you lay the paper. Co-operation is necessary for a family and even in our professional life. In the case of children, co-operation is primarily expressed in the play. 

Co-operation is one of the most widely taught skills. At an early age, we learned that "United we stand, divided we fall". 

When I was in class 4, my classmates and I were given Swachh Bharat Abhiyan's mission. We all had to clean our school. We all worked together, and because of co-operation, we all got success in this mission.

Co-operation means to work together to achieve a common goal. 

Co-operation is very much essential in our life.

Hetal Vaishnav 
Class VIII A
The Fabindia School

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