Wednesday 17 November 2021

Joy Of Reading - Khush Rajpurohit

Session 1, 14th November 2021

In today's world, where technology makes enormous demands on children's time, it is tough to communicate with them. On the occasion of Children's Day, an online book reading programme has launched "Joy of Reading" by My Good School to encourage reading among our students and extend communication with them. At this prestigious moment, many students attended the session to inculcate reading habits and life lessons. We believe that reading books helps us to excel in every field. Books are full of stories, knowledge, experiences, values and many more. 

The session was led by our chairman Mr Dutt. We started with Dr Anupam Sibal life lessons, reading the first chapter, ' Humility' from 'Is Your Child Ready To Face The World'. 

We read the chapter, understood the value of humility and learnt its importance in our life. The group was assigned tasks and shared situations that will help us experience humility. 

I sincerely thank My Good School team, Our respected Chairman, Principal Ma'am, teachers and parents for their efforts. Your initiatives for helping students build life skills are indeed profoundly appreciated.

- Khush Rajpurohit, XII Science, The Fabindia School Bali

Joy Of Reading by My Good School meets every Sunday at 11 am; we read one chapter of a book, currently reading 'Is Your Child Ready To Face The World?' By Dr Anupam Sibal.

How do we do this?
Open for individuals and schools, we organise online reading sessions with children from their homes, along with their families and friends. By sharing real-life experiences on the Joy Of Learning Diaries blog, the students express themselves in any form - write, audio, video, graphic, poetry and what they enjoy the most. #ReadToLead

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