Wednesday 24 November 2021

Joy of Reading - Hridhaan Jain

Hridhaan Jain is a student of grade 3 from Gyanshree School, Noida. His favourite place in the world is his school library. He is passionate about reading and travelling to space. He aspires to become an astronaut in future…

Reading is the gateway to many adventures. It makes a bubble of curiosity and imagination in our minds. It even helps us in decision making in many situations. Many times when we read, it clears our strain and gives us peace of mind.

When I read any book, I imagine a similar character roving in the same story. My favourite books are Mudcrusts, Noddy, Thrilling Illustrated Stories, Tinkle Digest and many more. Books have filled my mind with so much fascination that I am keen to pretend to play the same fantasy with my family and friends.

Reading bedtime stories with my mother is the best part of my day. We have immense fun together, and she always teaches me moral values from that story. Reading has improved my vocabulary and communication skills and given me great confidence.

Books are the only gift that can be opened again and again. When I reread the same book, I can catch up with things I missed in my first reading and double my fun.

I, Hridhaan Jain, am writing this to share my incredible journey of books so far and encourage you all to read and discover your own fun.

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