Tuesday 20 September 2022

Autobiography Of A Pen - Oshi Singh

Image courtesy www.shutterstock.com, used by Oshi Singh for representation only

I remember what a refined personality I was born with. My journey started when a lot of metal, ink plastic were put together in the factory. After some finishing touches were made, I was born. I was eagerly waiting for my brothers and sisters. After everyone came, we were sealed and ready to travel. We were kept on the floor in the carton. At first, I thought we were being thrown, but suddenly I heard an appealing voice from the back saying, "Take this carton to truck no. 5, which is going to London." I was really excited! Suddenly, there was a loud thud and the box opened partly. I quickly looked outside, and it was all dark. I slid inside with fear of what might happen next. After we reached the airport, we were kept in a cargo plane, and no one saw that the box was partially open. After everyone had fallen asleep, I came out and saw outside. Everything looked so small from above. After 2-3 days of travelling and sneaking out, we finally reached London. 

After all the sweet moments we spent with each other, we were separated from each other and taken to different shops. I was in Pen Heaven (a pen shop). I was kept in the front display and was the most expensive pen on my street as well as of that time. Many people stopped to take a closer look at me, but because of my price tag, they couldn't afford to take me home with them. And always decided to buy a cheap pen. Now comes the day when my life changed. Put on your seat belts because everything is about to change. I remember it was about to rain that day when a rich man entered the shop and took me home as a gift to her younger daughter, Celery. And I was her favourite pen, her precious possession. 

After a year, a new pen came on the market, which, unfortunately, Celery bought. I couldn't help noticing her writing with him all day long, in front of my eyes! I would get furious, and to be honest, I was a bit jealous too. One day when she was writing with both of us, I started feeling weak and trembling, and my worst fear came true. My ink was FINISHED. Luckily Celery had one last refill, and she quickly filled it in. But now I know my end is near, and only a few days are left in my life. Next month, the same thing happened; I thought of me being Celery's favourite, she would still keep me with him besides that new boring pen, but she did something unbelievable! I still can't believe she threw me in the trash can! How mean can these foul creatures get? 

In no time I was lying in the dark, stinky dusty garbage bag but then unexpectedly something unbelievable! I couldn't believe my eyes; I saw my refill and quickly filled myself. I dusted myself as much as I could and made my escape. I pressed the nearest doorbell of someone's house and lay down on the floor. It was an old man in his red gown whose doorbell I rang. I believe it was Christmas day when he gave shelter under his roof. Just like Christ, even I was reborn. I guess I am no less than a god. Anyways, the refill that I had used wasn't actually working. Quite a bit of a bummer! Today it's been exactly a year, my refill is empty, but I am still with the old man. I sometimes miss Celery, but I am grateful to the old man. I wish I could show him my gratitude after all he has done for me. But, yes, at last, I at least have a peaceful retirement.

The message:

Just like Celery replaced the pen in the story, we humans, too, have a terrible habit of giving all our attention to something or someone new in our lives. Our full attention goes to the new person or thing in our life. We forget to be grateful for our old precious possessions during this period. The same thing happened with the friendship of Swami, Rajam and Mani. When Rajam arrived, all of Swami's attention went to him, and he started to ignore his old friends. Although he didn't mean to, he hurt Mani's feelings on the way.

Oshi Singh
Gyanshree School 


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