Sunday 11 September 2022

A Threat To Our Society - Oshi Singh

Image courtesy, used by Oshi Singh for representation only.

In the twenty-first century, from Jeffrey Bezos to an ordinary man, everyone has the most valuable thing in their hand twenty-four seven is their gadget. In a world as busy as ours, crime can happen anywhere and anytime, especially Cyber Crime. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the whole nation has been working through the internet and gadgets; the internet is probably the top place where crime can happen. The first case of Cyber Crime reported in India was in 1992, and it has been increasing. Now that everyone is in their homes and on the internet at all times, it is an ideal situation for people doing such woeful activities.  

The most intriguing fact about cybercrime is that it can be done knowingly, and it can be done unknowingly as well. Especially teenage children are on the internet at all times and can be targeted easily.  

People commit financial frauds, leak inappropriate videos and photos without one's consent, and catfish for various reasons, which results in psychological damage. Several people commit suicide because they trusted someone over the internet, and now that person is threatening them for several reasons. The maximum number of people in this country are not even aware of cybercrime's impact on a person. Cyber Criminals commit crimes, including stealing people's money and identity.   

A Cyber Crime that happens to you can change your perspective towards life and leave you with a cyber trauma. The Indian Government has also created many laws related to Cyber Crime, but there are times when one never knows that they are a victim of a cybercrime, and many people do not even report such cases. In conclusion, I would like to say that Cyber Crime is a threat to our society as it is a growing concern, and anyone could be a victim, so we as responsible human beings should be cautious while dealing with the internet. 


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