Sunday 4 September 2022

Friends and Family - Rishona Chopra

We unintentionally push people away from us when we meet someone, even if we have known them for a long time. I have faced situations like this. We all need that one friend who is entire to us and no one's friend. We often run after those who don't want us but forget those who want to be with us. What I mean is that friend who wants to be our friend; our parents and god are always there, and they have no one to run after. In this world, we start considering strangers and people outside the family more and start neglecting the friendship in the family. Family, a six-letter word, has 6 meaningful meanings: F -Fair A - Attentive M - Merry I - Impartial L - Loyal Y - Yours To spend time with your family and friends, you don't need friendship, a mother, father, or family day, but love and trust make you love them every day! This doesn't mean you neglect friends, but a balance is needed between friends and family. A fight that can only be resolved by words, I saw one of my friends crying yesterday because he had a fight with his friend, and then the next day, everything was water under the bridge, and the two friends were hugging each other. It sure is an inspirational story! Swami is a boy who loves making new friends and is very amiable; he loves Somu and Sankar, but when he becomes friends with Rajam, he unintentionally neglects them, making Somu and Sankar feel sad and jealous, and they think Swami doesn't care about them anymore. Even though Swami realized his mistake, his friendship with them couldn't be made again with their strong bond earlier. Even though he became friends with new people forgetting old ones isn't considered a good friendship. It hurts to see your best friend become friends with another one, but it is vital to clear misconceptions and patiently forgive. Rishona Chopra Grade VI Gyanshree School

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