Saturday 3 September 2022

I have seen a ghost and this is my story - Diva Gupta

Often we have been told that ghosts and spirits don’t exist. But I have, and here’s my story.
It was the darkest of nights. I was lying in my bed, wide awake. It was midnight, and I wasn’t able to sleep. The moonlight rose into my room brighter than sunlight, so I decided to shut the blinds. I got up, only to see the dark streets of Noida. Not even a soul seemed to be seen or heard. It was like the world had just stopped itself. Perhaps this was called the witching hour. I thought of getting a glass of water. So I shut the blinds, went into the hallway, and turned on the kitchen light. As I filled my glass of water, I felt something move. When I went to check if someone was there, I saw nothing. I went back into the kitchen, and my cup was gone! I quickly hurried to my room, forgetting about my water when the blinds were up again! What was going on? I had no idea, but I decided to sleep it out. And then there was the problem of not being able to sleep.  I lay there in complete darkness once more when someone entered my room. I heard a voice: ‘Diva? Are you awake?’. It was my mom. I told her everything. After my story, she laughed at me and told me to sleep. How could she! After all, it happened in front of me! Either this was another prank, or it was my imagination. After talking to my mom, I was finally able to sleep. But I still couldn’t get it out of my head about that ghost. This incident happened about four years ago, in second grade.  Well, this was my story, and many may laugh and say, ‘How funny! That could never happen!’ But it did, and I still remember the chills that night.

Diva Gupta

Grade VI

Gyanshree School

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