Sunday 25 September 2022

Peace - What it means for us?

Thank you to all who joined us today; we are over 100, and you will see up to 75 names; there were many sharing devices, for which we are most grateful.

We look forward to more quotes. Our value of the month is PEACE. Is it different from the piece?

Avni Kochhar
"Peace means everyone being treated equally. Peace means harmony."

Shambhavi Nautiyal
A piece can be a piece of mind, but peace is much more than that. It's trust between two individuals; it's having self-belief and perception of yourself. If you have made peace with yourself and your mind, you can have a whole new vision of the world, and simply nothing can go wrong.

Rishona Chopra,
12:03 PM
Peace is one virtue we must maintain in the smallest of things. Even sharing a piece of cake will have to be shared with peace as we tend to fight over the smallest of things, neglecting that this small piece of cake can ruin our relationships.

Peace, for me, is when you gain complete self-confidence without worry or fear. It is mental strength and brings happiness to me.
Kanika Dogra and Tenzin paldon

"Peace is mental freedom. Free yourself to achieve it."

Nidhi Chauhan
Peace allows us to overcome our problems. It will help us to live the best of all possible lives, and "Never let anyone destroy your inner peace".

Tenzin Lhadon
Peace begins with a smile.
When a person has patience and is happy and grateful for all the things

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  1. I think peace means, having a good bond with eachother not the wars like Russia and Ukraine which made a lot of destruction, negative comment through social media platforms. We should help those who are in need. For we should help them at their dark times. If we develop our behaviour towards each other and stop the war,. Together we can not only develop ourselves, but because of us the whole world can be develop. Maintaining a good relationship with eachother and having self esteem, I think it's what peace is all about.
    And when it comes to God, we all pray and wish something from God, some people might have their wishes coming true ,while some wishes don't, yet it doesn't mean we have to go against the god because, god always help those who helps themselves and instead of shouting or screaming, you should stay quiet for a moment, think where you have been wrong, try to correct it so that God believes that you are capable for this. And this shows the best example of peace.


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