Sunday 11 September 2022

The Art of Focus - Anvesha Rana

Handling other people is a tedious task, and that, too, with care becomes even more difficult. We expect the best treatment, facilities and equipment when it comes to us, but we seldom realize that to receive the best, we also need to treat others at our best. Treat others the way you wish to be treated. 

Each flower in a garden is unique, yet they all wave off different fragrances. All five fingers are not equal, yet they have additional capabilities to help us. Our unity lies in our diversity; we are together because we are different. We should learn to respect the differences of each individual and have the courage to be who we are and not be what others think we should be. 

Life is best seen as a constant journey in which sometimes we run, walk, crawl, slither, but all matters is that we keep going on. Even if sometimes we fall back and reach square one, we should have the strength to fight back and be even stronger because that is how we take our learning forward. 

Anvesha Rana, 
Grade 10-B, 
Gyanshree School

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