Saturday 4 November 2023

Forgiveness - Tenzin Nyesel

A very famous line said:

"When you forgive, you heal.
When you let go, you grow."
When we suffer through harsh times in any relationship, it's hard to think about forgiving the other person. On that, it's harder to move on from that situation. That's the time when we start thinking about ourselves. The time when we think, "If I say 'this' to that person, what will my image be towards her or him? What does that person think about me?
As time goes on, slowly and gradually, we realize our actions and the words we said at that time. We start getting feelings of guilt, sorrow, and anger. We start reflecting on those mistakes and the ego we have been holding. That's the time when we let go of dirty stains from our clean, white life. We try to get things together.

This reflection concludes with a line:
"Forgiveness is not just to forget and move on; it's about remembering it without the anger."

Tenzin Nyesel
Pestalozzi Children's Village Society
Image Courtesy: Pinterest

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