Thursday 23 November 2023

Book Review: I Came Upon a Lighthouse - Saikiran Sahu

                                     “I Came Upon a Lighthouse” by Shantanu Naidu

Every person has a bookish soul, some just haven't found their match yet! And the book” I Came Upon a Lighthouse” is the perfect match .

This is a meticulously curated book by Shantanu Naidu and illustrated by Sanjana Desai. It is a short memoir of life with Ratan Tata and is probably the best book written on him yet. This book's title is like a magnet, and I can't help but be drawn to it. It paints Ratan Tata as a lighthouse, shining bright and steady in the midst of stormy seas, offering a glimmer of hope to all those lost in the darkness. It is not much of a biography where there is a description of his milestones or historical events , instead the world finally gets to see Ratan Tata's softer side, revealing the big brother and cool guardian angel within! The colors and shades of his personality shone bright as day, leaving us all giddy with excitement! This book isn't merely a narrative, but a poignant memoir that captures a range of emotions. This memoir delves into a profound friendship that transcends age and it was their shared empathy and mutual compassion for homeless dogs that led to an unexpected bond between them.

In a nutshell, "I Came Upon a Lighthouse" is a refreshing and heartwarming tale about an unlikely friendship between a millennial and an octogenarian that gives glimpses of a beloved Indian legend in a warm light. This book is a feel-good read, one that you didn't realise you needed but will undoubtedly enjoy.

Saikiran Sahu, IX Gyanshree School

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