Saturday 4 November 2023

Why forgiveness is important? - Tulsi Karki

Forgiveness is part of healing and letting go of the past. Holding on to negative emotions may cause too much burden on our minds. Forgiveness is not for others but for us. For example, when a teacher is angry over something, a student asks some questions. He/she gets severe scolding from the teacher. The student feels bad and talks negatively about that very teacher. But later, if the same student finds difficulties in understanding any chapter and has to learn from the same teacher. That student won't feel uncomfortable asking for help because he or she has forgiven that teacher. Here, the student gets the benefit and gets to learn many things. If that student held grudges towards the teacher, would he or she ever get to know that chapter? No, because holding grudges and never forgiving teachers would not help the student.

Forgiveness can lead to healthier relationships. It shows how much strength we have and how we manage to pull through the hard times. 

Tulsi Karki
Pestallozi Children's Village Society
Image courtesy- Experience life- lifetime

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