Sunday 19 November 2023

Reflections - 19th November 2023

Sunday School 

- From Live Life In Crescendo

  1. Gratitude makes our attitude
  2. Power of a book in a child's hand

- From Tata Stories

  1. Find out more about Aspy Engineer and his work
  2. Recreate the Gypsy Moth aircraft - you can draw it or even write about it
  3. Know more about the flying race, its competitors, and what it was about. Does the race teach us lessons of friendship and teach us some values?
  4. Competition between friends sometimes ruins bonds, it gives rise to jealousy and selfishness; we get lost in competition that we don't see who is on the other side.

- Know more about JRD Tata here - Tata

These are some suggestions you can choose from. Looking forward to seeing your wonderful and thoughtful reflections!

You can email your reflections to Manisha Ma'am at -

Rishona Chopra

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