Monday 27 November 2023

Being always grateful is what Gratitude means - Tenzin Jambey

Gautam Buddha was born into a royal family, but unlike other princes, he didn't like being a prince or wanting to become a king or rule a kingdom. He was greatly affected and unfortunate after finding out that human life is a misery; therefore, he attained "Nirvana" after meditating for years to free himself from the world of sorrow and sadness. Sometimes, religious texts and stories make me wonder whether they occurred in reality.

The flying chariot of Ravana, the superpower monkey God like Hanumanji, etc., are all myths that few people in the world don't believe, and some people like me are in a dilemma. Some people believe that praying to God and offering sacrifices brings peace into one's life, but we must understand that we bring happiness and sadness to ourselves.

Now, the question arises: What does gratitude do with all this?

Gratitude is an art that can bring about a significant change in our lives. When gratitude becomes part of our lives, we stop blaming gods for our sadness and sorrow. First, we must understand that it is a natural process that, after giving birth, everyone has to die. A flower that is blooming today won't stay blooming forever. At the same time, we have to learn to accept sadness, sorrow, failure, hate, death, and misery. Because of all such emotions, we know what happiness, joy, birth, and pleasure feel like.

"Every action has an opposite reaction and an equal reaction." Newton's law is implied in everything around us, even our emotions. Now that we know that sadness and sorrow will come into our lives, why mourn for a long time? Why do you have to cry and shed tears for the sad moment that happened years ago when you didn't laugh at the joke from last year?

People are like a maze, and it's our nature to look for sadness until we change it ourselves. To overcome this, "gratitude" serves as a hearing medicine. We should always accept that whatever happens, it happens for the best. Always be grateful for everything that happens around you. Even if you fail or someone takes away your privilege, be happy and grateful, as there is always a learning part and learning and lessons are far better than winning. "Be grateful for your house," "Be grateful for the food you eat," and "Be grateful for your body organs," as there are some who don't have a home, have body parts, or get one meal a day. A boy was sitting on the bench, and he was barefoot. We wished for a show and became sad, but his desire for a shoe vanished when he saw another guy with no legs. This is how gratitude works.
Having gratitude will protect you from being affected by others; feelings of jealousy and hate will never arise if you follow the art of gratitude in your daily life. "BEING ALWAYS GRATEFUL IS WHAT GRATITUDE MEANS."

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