Tuesday 23 January 2024

Sylvan Reverie: A Soul’s Unveiling

I came across a forest;
Which was full of green, 
With the colossal trees-
They were so tall they couldn’t be seen.
With animals so enigmatic, 
The mist was so dramatic.

I came across a forest-
Where lay the river’s poetic grace.
I saw a reflection that seemed honest, 
The reflection told me what was seen but unknown,
Heard but ignored.

I came across a forest-
Where the water showed me a reflection true, 
A tale untold that became a mystery to pursue.
The one I saw in the reflection-
Was it me or a girl in the past? 
At thirteen, a memory that couldn’t last.

I came across a forest-
It was just another forest,
But it was the place where I found myself. 
I came across a forest, 
But the forest was just my dream. 

-Aarika Banka 
Grade IX, Gyanshree School, Noida 

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