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Myths Of Retirement - Rishona Chopra
Retirement; Young people often look forward to it and middle-aged ones dread it. To young ones, retirement seems to be about relaxation, peace, joy, television, vacation and all you ever wanted to do but couldn't. To middle-aged and working people, retirement seems to be synonymous with boredom, no work at all, loneliness, approaching death and the end of a career. 
Being a young minor, I would definitely say that retirement seems to be relaxation and enjoyment but this perspective is quite unlikely for the ones who are in dire need of it. 

Often people get rather upset, bored, and sad during retirement and invite problems for themselves and you can't blame them! They have been through a lot of changes in their life and change has never been easy to deal with. 

Most people need a change of perspective and that's why it's important to know a few myths of retirement that may change one's perspective about it. 

1st Myth: Retirement means the End of Work

Of course not! There is no age barrier to work! In fact, it's the perfect time to try out new things and explore your areas of interest! Create a new passion for yourself! And even if you don't find work to do instantly, it's always good to take a little rest. Relaxation may help you more and after years of work, you do deserve some!

2nd Myth: New Career Ambitions are for Young People

Nearly three out of five retirees launch into a new line of work after retirement! It's not because they need money but to stay mentally and physically active and more importantly do something they want to do. Age can never be a barrier and nothing else can if what you're doing is your true passion!
And something that happens after retirement is that you can just do things for yourself. Yes, we always feel the need to show others what we did but that's when we are free to do anything for our own happiness.

3rd Myth: Retirement Is A Time Of Decline

Well yes, you're growing old and ageing but you've still got a life to spend so live life happily and do things you never could. Yes indeed, you are approaching the end soon but this is the time to turn to spirituality if you already haven't. To actually regain yourself and know your true purpose. Not only will it help one embrace the "dreadful" time of death but also feel happy knowing that you have lived your life in crescendo. In a way, it's actually a sign that you need to do all the things in your life that you never did, relax and most importantly cherish these times! 

Retirement is a phase of life like any other and it's a beautiful phase. A unique one. 

" When you think you're at the end of something, you're at the beginning of something else"

Rishona Chopra
Grade VII
Gyanshree School

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