Tuesday 2 January 2024

2023 and all it had to give - Rishona Chopra

2023 has been a fantastic year for me! There were lots of ups and downs and lots of learning to take away!

The start of the year was rather bumpy. It started with annual exams which weren't the best so that was a letdown for me.  But then the fact that I was going to another higher grade made me quite cheerful and excited. I must say, the new semester was a fresh start. It allowed me to improve from my past mistakes and learn from them. 

The first day of school was a new door. It was the day when I met a lot of new people. New students and teachers too. I did have some negative perceptions about a few people but now that I think about it those perceptions have changed drastically. I suppose you can't assume things without knowing someone first!

Then there were exams. I had mathematical formulas, equations and a ton of nervousness rushing through my mind but we did make it through the exams too. 

I can't go on about 2023 without mentioning my journey with My Good School. It was a fantastic year! From Meet and Greets with several authors and entrepreneurs, I not only expanded my collection of books but also expanded my learning by miles. Each Sunday session was valuable and priceless. There was something new to take away each time. 

Another highlight of the year was My Guide Inside. The sessions I did with Ms. Christa Campsall were invaluable and being able to conduct similar sessions with younger grades was the icing on the cake. MGI has been a huge part of 2023 and it's all thanks to the mentors who work hard to give us this meaningful bundle of learning and joy. 

My most trustworthy and silent companion was with me throughout this journey; That companion is a book. Books were a crucial part of 2023. I explored new genres and read some amazing books that are indeed no less than a treasure. I dived into the world of polar bears and dogs and some very touching stories of families. Books just take me to another world and make the year more memorable. 

I wouldn't have made it through the year without my family. They are the ones I do have disagreements with but also the ones most dear to me. I believe sometimes we take the gift of family for granted but it's important to realize that having parents to hold on to is a blessing. It's perhaps the greatest gift in the world and they are what made my year better than ever. 

There were a lot of highlights of 2023 and these are just a few of them. There were a lot of times in the year when my behaviour was rather negative and I will try to improve upon it. Of course, you can't permanently remove negative feelings from your life but it is vital to work towards positivity. 

Rishona Chopra
Grade VII
Gyanshree School

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