Monday 1 January 2024

Future Generation & The Present - Nishan Karki

 When we talk about the future generation, do we also need to work on the present altogether?

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”                                                      -  Buddha

We spend a lot of time thinking about our future generation. However, we also need to think about and work on our present side by side. Working on present needs is crucial for the betterment of our future generations. The future of our generation depends greatly on our present deeds. Our present paves the way for our future and that of our generation.

To make our generation's future better, we need to tackle the present problems. Our earth is facing many environmental problems such as climate change, increasing global warming, depletion of various resources, pollution, etc. Unless we tackle our present issues, we will not be able to improve the future of our upcoming generations.

For instance, if people are very poor, they will not be able to provide a better lifestyle for future generations. Before thinking about the future, they should work on their present needs. They must at least have the basic means of livelihood. If they remain poor and do not work to improve their present conditions, their future generation will have to suffer. 

Creating a peaceful society is very important for our future generation; Creating a society that values people and their sentiments, fosters the development of a peaceful society. People living in a society must have mutual co-operation, respect sympathy, trust, kindness and compassion for each other.

If our thoughts and actions are positive, our future generation will also be the same. It is important to ensure that our generation thinks positively and does things positively. No one wants their generation to do wrong things. People have a strong faith that their future generation will be a good and peaceful one. We should work to create a clean environment (focusing both on the ecosystem and positive thoughts/ actions) for our future generations.

Nishan Karki
Class 10 
Pestalozzi Children’s Village Society, India

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