Sunday 7 January 2024

Letter to Amardeep Singh co-creator of Allegory - A Tapestry of Guru Nanak’s Travels

Respected Mr. Amardeep,

We at My Good School are forever grateful for the bundle of knowledge that you have given us. The Guru Nanak docuseries carries priceless learnings and intriguing stories to tell that we will carry in our hearts forever.

We now watch one episode of the docuseries in our Sunday sessions monthly. They have indeed made our sessions much more unique and brighter than ever!

We have celebrated the first session of 2024 with the first episode of the Guru Nanak docuseries. Each episode has remarkable stories, and we unfold extraordinary monthly messages for reflection.

Learning about Guru Nanak’s selfless, humble and kind personality has warmed our hearts and, in fact, shows us the aim and purpose of one’s life. To do good.
This docuseries is the perfect start to 2024! With each episode, we carry something with us, and those learnings are the ones that will help us throughout our lives.

I only knew a little about Guru Nanak Ji and his life, and learning more about him has yet to appeal to me. But seeing the episodes you make has not only developed my interest but also made me more eager to learn more about him and his travels.

On behalf of our school, I thank you for creating a meaningful documentary series that makes our day more meaningful and worthwhile.

Without you and your team, we wouldn’t have access to this knowledge in such an easy and straightforward way.

Thank you so much for all you do!

Warm Regards,
Rishona Chopra
School Captain, My Good School
--- ‘Lost Heritage Productions’ is a Singapore-based visual media production house led by a Singapore-based couple, Amardeep Singh and Vininder Kaur. It is focused on research and documentation of forgotten legacies.

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