Wednesday 14 February 2024

The Starting of Chipko Movement - Aradhy Mohan Jalan

"The Old Mango Tree: Witness to the Chipko Movement"

PC- India Times
Hi! I am a 50-year-old mango tree. I am the oldest tree in this forest. I would like to narrate an incident which will make you self-reflect.

The wind was blowing, birds were chirping, water was flowing, and the weather was pleasant, but then the pleasant weather changed to something horrible. Some sepoys came to cut trees, and then some villagers, including children and women, came out from their houses. They stuck themselves to the trees and started saying, "You can't cut the trees!" 

The sepoys got angry and killed 2-4 people. They started shouting and yelling, "They give us life, oxygen, fruit, and in return, what do we give them? Death?" The people, inspired by the Chipko movement in 1972 which saved thousands of trees, joined in and became a part of the movement. 

Aradhy Mohan Jalan
Class - 7
Sunbeam  Hostel Lahartara

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