Wednesday 14 February 2024

Path to Triumph - Ankit Raj

"A Journey of Success"

 In the journey of life, through trials we tread,
we strive for success, where dreams are spread.
Success, like an apotheosis, calls us to rise,
To reach for the stars, beyond earthly ties.

It's not just the destination, but the path we pave,
Each step taken boldly, with courage and bravery.
For success is not merely a trophy or prize,
But the growth, the learning, that makes us wise.

With perseverance as our guiding light,
We push through the darkness, to shine so bright.
Through setbacks and challenges, we persevere,
Knowing that victory is always near.

Success is the culmination of effort and will,
A testament to passion that we fulfill,
So let's celebrate each victory, we've won,
For in the journey of success, we've just begun.

In the jumbled life, success we weave,
A testament to what we can achieve.
So let's raise our voices, let's sing and proclaim,
Success is ours, forever to claim!

Ankit Raj
Sunbeam School, Lahartara Hostel.

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