Friday 2 February 2024

Giving- Pasang Sherpa

Giving is not only an act, it's compassion for the one who is receiving it. When we give someone something, it's not a thing we give but love, care, joy, and affection to that person. 

There is joy not only in receiving but also in giving. But these days people hesitate to give because they have that mindset that if the things they are giving are not expensive or valuable it is not considered as giving but a shame to him or her. For these overthinkers, Mother Teresa had once well said "I cannot give great things but sm
all things with great heart". 

Expensive things are not what matters to the people you love but love and care. As an example, see your mother, she does not want anything valuable for what she did all these years but the same love to her which she gave you when you were young.

Pasang Sherpa
Pestalozzi Children's  Village Society

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