Friday 2 February 2024

We are all connected and we are one - Nishan Karki

“The most important things in life are the connections you make with others.” – Tom Ford 

All the human beings living in this world are connected to one another. Despite differences in race, religion, colour, custom and language, we are all one. We are somehow directly or indirectly connected to each other.

Connection with other people makes our life easier and happier. If we are connected to one another, it means we have someone to share our happiness and sadness and other emotions. We can help people in times of their distress and also get back help from others.

People who are lonely are lost (mentally) and do not seem very active. They do not indulge in conversation and do activities with other people. These people are not well connected to one another. 

Maybe, the lives of people who are not connected to others are not fun. But from many people's point of view, it may be fun.

Sometimes, I sing a song in my mind. Then after a few seconds, I hear another person singing the same song. This makes me wonder whether our minds are connected or not. This has happened several times.

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