Saturday 24 February 2024

Treasured Moments - Arfa Khan

Grandparents- The gems of life

Grandparents are gems. They become our advocates whenever our parents are mad at us. They are our endless support system and advice centre, and we know how to deal with our challenges. They have been through life with a lot of obstacles and challenging situations. 

Their experience shows them the importance of understanding and empathy in a relationship, so we share our secrets with them, and they understand. They even share their wise side - their core values and stories of the world with us. Even if they were strict with their own children, grandparents always showered us with all their love. 

They enjoy being grandparents, too; they love our company. In their autumn days, we bring joy and drive into them - a change from their daily habits of sitting idle. Sadly, they don’t have forever to live; as the years pass, they will soon leave us. All good things don’t last forever, but we can make the best of them. Spending more time with them would be lovely; that would cheer them up, and we would also make memories. 

Let's utilize the time with our grandparents while we still have it and create meaningful and lasting memories to remember!

Arfa Khan
Grade 8
Ahlcon Public School

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  1. We all have loads to learn and live with our grand parents - humility, patience, calm, habits, conversations - add up to our joys of life.


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