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Saturday 10 February 2024

Unleashing Destruction - Tenzin Dakar

"Contemplating Consequences: The Atomic Bomb Decision"

These words are a paraphrase of Bhagavad Gita 11:32. This quote was from the now-famous scientist who built the weapon which tore apart the very fabric of weaponization and warfare. 

Such regret can be inferred from these words, as felt by its own creator. If I were the one to make the decision to drop the atomic bomb, I would never do it because it was a very deadly weapon that not only killed thousands of people but also destroyed land and property. 

Many people lost their family, friends, and homes, and even after so many years, the drastic effects of the radiation persist. To oppose Japanese tyranny in the southeastern countries and to bring an abrupt end to the world war, such an excuse was used to satiate their revenge and to redeem their hurt ego. Morality was thrown aside by such insidious and malevolent intent fueled by fear and rage. 

The fruits of the war were not to be borne by the people for the sickening acts of the militants. They could have solved the situation by building friendly relationships with each other and in many other ways, but dropping a deadly bomb was not necessary.

Tenzin Dakar 
Pestalozzi Children's Village Society

Saturday 4 November 2023

Forgiveness - Tenzin Jambey

In the journey of our lives, we come across many situations that result in the destruction of our peace of mind. Sometimes, we mistakenly hurt someone. It really feels bad when others don't accept your apology and when you are not forgiven for the mistake you made.

We humans are not perfect; we make mistakes as we take every step in our lives. Sometimes, our actions hurt the sentiments of others, which results in the birth of hate in others for us. When we ask for forgiveness from others, some accept it, but some people don't forgive the mistakes made by children. A few days ago, my football went on the roof of the neighbour's house. I went to get it and called out the uncle. He came outside, and I quickly greeted him and said sorry in a polite manner. Still, I ended up getting terribly scolded by him. If I look from one side, what he did was right, as I should have cared for him while playing, as it could have broken the things in his house, but if I were in his place, I would have given the child advice rather than scolding him. When we get scolding from others, it makes us feel a bit restricted, and from now on, we feel a bit scared and down to do things again, like playing. If we don't forgive the mistakes of the younger ones, they will never be able to enjoy their childhood, and they will feel that they have made the biggest mistake, which will affect their minds.
Forgiveness is essential, especially when it comes to children. Through this reflection, we are smart enough to know when to forgive and when not. Forgiveness depends on the situation and dimensions. We know which things should be ignored and which are to be punished. Even though forgiveness stands higher than punishment, humans still follow this practice as we don't have any options, and there are no such questions for forgiveness for the people who willingly indulge in activities like crimes, murders, and rape. Therefore, forgiveness is essential, depending on the situation and people's actions. We should know when and where to forgive and when not.
In the case of children, we must forgive as they will make thousands of mistakes, and they will not do what is right and wrong. They like a mountain lake that is pure and calm, but sometimes, they take the form of hurricanes and irritate others a lot. But this act of theirs makes us feel happy and reminds us of our old days in the future. Someday, forgiveness binds us together. Suppose the neighbour's uncle forgives the kid who broke his window twice or three times and still possesses a sense of forgiveness. In that case, it makes the uncle a hero in the eyes of the kid, and who knows, in the future, the kid will become a famous person and come to visit you with gifts and old-time memories.
The art of forgiveness works differently for different ages of people. The easiest, simplest, and most effective one is forgiving children. I still remember the uncle who returned my football whenever it went into his house. He never got angry, and he did forgive me when I broke his house's window. He used to give me advice, "Child, this is the right time to enjoy and create trouble for others, as in the future you will never get to experience it." His words really reflected upon me. As I take each step daily, I am expected to do well and make the fewest mistakes.

Tenzin Jambey
Pestallozi Children's Village Society
Image Courtesy- Dreamstime

Thursday 27 January 2022

War - Rishona Chopra


War causes nothing but destruction,
It causes the same fear as a huge volcanic eruption,

The only difference is that we can stop war,

And create the world a bright star!

Our ego leads to greed and selfishness, And that leads to evilness. If only we would understand, That what we claim for is just land!

Ruling and having power isn't needed, Because that, for others, is being badly treated, We all are equal, And having equality is not illegal,

Then why not stop war, And have a good happy year!

"If war can be started by lies, it can be stopped by truth."

Rishona Chopra Grade V Gyanshree School