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Imperfectly perfect! - Bob

  Hello, Dearies! I hope you remember me! It is me, Bob, from the EBD book cafe, Dehradun. Just when I thought my life was perfect, everything changed. Everyone in the bookshop takes my dear friend 'Speaker' away from me. Why? Why on Earth? How can people be so cruel and heartless? Can they not listen to music with me? They took my happiness and companion away from me. Oh, how I miss my friend 'Speaker'! I have realised that humans are up to no good. They are useless. So now, I have decided to take things into my own hands and have adopted Toblerone (not the chocolate!). Toblerone is a sweetheart. He is kind and a great companion. He stays right in front of me , supporting and helping me sit up straight, resolving my back pain. He is also really cute.The only drawback is that he steals the spotlight from me. But still, he is a wonderful companion.  He is a really great person and companion! I believe this change was good, not the best but good. Now, Toble is under my gu

The Bookshop is my happy place! - Bob

Hello, my dear friends! You would know me if you have ever visited the EBD Bookshop in Dehradun. After all, I am the main reason you come there. My name is Bob, and I am the cutest dog you will ever see. There came this girl in the Bookshop a few days ago, she called me a "soft toy". Now, that is sheer disrespect. I am very soft and sweet, but I am not a toy at all. In fact, I have a life of my own; I know how to talk and express my feelings. I know how to write and read; that is why I am in a bookshop in the first place. I am one of a kind. I love relaxing, calm, loud, and clear music. Oh please, don't be surprised; dogs have preferences too.  Lately, I have been facing some back problems. Oh, how it hurts! I have to sit with a bent back and a sad face. I have been passing hints for a few days, but no one noticed until today. One of the fellows at the Bookshop finally noticed my back pains, so they gave me the perfect remedy! They helped me stand up straight with the sup

How The Dog Found Himself A Master - Rishona Chopra

                                            There was once this dog who wanted a master, He simply wanted to make things faster. He first found a wolf, But even if he held a stick, he would say “woof”. He went to a bear, But he wasn’t that fair. He came to a lion, Who he thought was as strong as iron. He stayed with him for quite some time, But things weren’t okay. The dog thought he was the strongest, At least in the forest! But man was stronger, At least better. So he stayed with a man, And that’s how his peaceful life began! This poem is inspired by one of our English chapters, “ How the Dog Found Himself A Master”. It is said that the relationship between dog and man is indeed a unique one. This poem displays a dog’s journey to finding its true master. “You may have many best friends, but your dog only has one.” Rishona Chopra Grade VI Gyanshree School

We Were Only Playing - Rishona Chopra

Playing is probably the best thing about childhood. I love playing, going out in the sun and running and having lots of fun; that is childhood. Here's a thing about playing - you don't need toys to play with. All you need is a friend, and that friend can be you.    Making games to play with yourself is the art of playing. When I am bored, I make some slime and squish it with some chemicals and do experiments or while studying, I act as if I am a teacher and teach all concepts to imaginary children and sometimes to my parents too!  Totto-chan had a pet. A pet comes with a lot of responsibility, but you always have a partner to share your feelings with. I sometimes wish I had a quiet puppy, but I am not ready to take the responsibility, and I think that if we keep a pet, we shouldn't keep it in a cage and bring it with its sibling or mother, so we don't separate the pet from their family. The innocence of a child is all about their selfless compassion - In Japan, they cal

Making Others Happy - Anoushka Vinod

To get true happiness, you need to make someone feel it. Life is full of twists and turns. You are bound to see a dark time in life. That's okay! All you need to do is turn on the light. In our session, we learnt about making others happy. I realised that if we want to have pleasure in life, we need to fill happiness in someone else's. I read how Walt Disney was always trying to make people happy. I adore Disney movies. Getting to know the story behind them was very intriguing.  A personal incident that I had with making others happy was very heartwarming. Whenever I used to stand at my bus stop, I always saw this dog who used to come sniffing everyone's lunch boxes for food early in the morning. This continued for days, and I started feeling pitiful about it. I came back home that day and asked my mother to give me extra food for the dog. From that day onwards, I thought about offering food every day. I want to make a change in the world. I want everyone to experience con