Thursday 6 July 2023

The Bookshop is my happy place! - Bob

Hello, my dear friends! You would know me if you have ever visited the EBD Bookshop in Dehradun. After all, I am the main reason you come there. My name is Bob, and I am the cutest dog you will ever see. There came this girl in the Bookshop a few days ago, she called me a "soft toy". Now, that is sheer disrespect. I am very soft and sweet, but I am not a toy at all. In fact, I have a life of my own; I know how to talk and express my feelings. I know how to write and read; that is why I am in a bookshop in the first place. I am one of a kind. I love relaxing, calm, loud, and clear music. Oh please, don't be surprised; dogs have preferences too. 

Lately, I have been facing some back problems. Oh, how it hurts! I have to sit with a bent back and a sad face. I have been passing hints for a few days, but no one noticed until today.

One of the fellows at the Bookshop finally noticed my back pains, so they gave me the perfect remedy! They helped me stand up straight with the support of nothing else but a music system! Oh, how happy I was! And it was also my favourite colour, red! They fixed my problem and made me sit closest to the music system. The people are so caring and friendly. The Bookshop is indeed my happy place. Everything is perfect now, and I can relax again, enjoying the music and the bittersweet smell of coffee!

EBD Bookshop Dehradun
( written by Rishona Chopra, School Captain My Good School)
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  1. Heart warming!

  2. Very funny 😂

  3. You have got the potential to be a fine writer. The way you feel about things and weave them into stories is tremendous. All the best, Dear! Warmth and Love.


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